Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Screw Michel Godbout. I'm back.

I was trying to think of a reason to get back into the Blogosphere. People had been pushing me to write about something, and I replied "What the hell is there to write about?" After this whole stupid Carey Price non-issue, I feel like maybe I should get back in the saddle and give my two cents.
So, Montreal is having heart palpitations after "Sports" correspondant Michel Godbout tweeted that Carey Price was "striking" until he was offered a deal worth $3 M. He said it was according to a very reliable source close to the Franchise Saviour. This gives me to hypotheses to this issue. Either the source was just wrong, or the source was hanging out with Carey one night in Anahim Lake and due to his absoloutely constant deadpan expression, he did not get the joke when he said "Man, man... seriously.... I should just go on like, a strike!"
My expert advice, chill out. It my firm belief that the Canadiens will sign Price and he will be ready for training camp. Although, if by some unfortunate turn of events, Price does not sign and we have to start with out roster of two old backups and a Finn in the KHL, god have mercy on out souls.
Training camp better come soon, or else I might die of boredom.

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