Friday, November 12, 2010


I have kind of given up on doing blogs after each and every game, I just want to address something I found humorous.
About a month ago, the Habs were doing okay, but it was our rivals in hogtown that were on top of the hockey world. Around the blogosphere we were hearing it from every angle how the Leafs had finally made the step to become contenders, and that superstars like Tim Brent and Clarke MacArthur were going to have huge seasons. I didn't mind it at all, good for Toronto, they were excited about a hockey team that had gone through some very crappy times, and everyone is entitled to some happiness, but then I saw something that went a little farther. A blog had made an animation that in a bright and shiny font kept a live count of how many days, hours and seconds since Carey Price had last won at home. I thought it was funny, he had struggled, but I felt that I should be able to make a comment, I mean these guys had a good sense of humor, they should be able to take it if they can dish it out right?
My comment "Guess what's a funnier stat line? It's been (Insert ridiculously longer time frame) since the Leafs have won a home game in the Playoffs???"
Instead of saying "Yeah, you're right, a quick start should not be indicative of any real success since this franchise has struggled since the lockout" I was assaulted with such intelligent rebuttals like "Well you're a troll and probably torched a car last spring!" or "Well we kicked your ass this season!" or "You shouldn't talk! You're the one who boo'ed Carey Price in the preseason!"
I don't expect the neanderthals blogging away on the shores of Lake Ontario to know my stance on the Price issue, but I don't think generalizing every Hab fan as a loud, drunk and hypocritical rioter is a very nice thing to do. I mean, I don't assume that every Leaf fan is a sweater vest wearing, luxury box owning yuppie who spends the entire game on his blackberry only to leave halfway through the third. That would constitute that the majority of Leaf fans are actually successful! I kid, I kid. To be honest, I don't mind fans of any team, good on you if you stick with a organization that has had that much frustration, but can I suggest something? Don't dish out cold hard insults to someone who watches a full season of Hockey when it's only September, because guess what, things change. You know that coach that everyone loved at the beginning of the year when you guys were 4-0-1? Well regardless of the fact that he's won of the winningest coaches in history and led team USA to the gold medal game in the Olympics, you are still calling for his head! You know that super sniper who you traded Tyler Seguin and another first rounder for? You know, that guy Mike Brophy was nominating for the Hart before he had played 20 games? Well he hasn't gotten a point in the last 7 games, and I know the comebacks that'll come my way, "Oh, he doesn't have a Center!!" or "Well Gionta and Gomez suck a lot worse, and they're getting paid more." Very true, but if they play well, we don't say "They have 7 goals??? Someone nominate them for the Ted Lindsay trophy!!!" Listen Leaf fans, don't be like the idiots in Montreal who pretend to be Hab fans only to boo our starting Goalie who happens to have FOUR! FOUR AH AH AH! wins at home. What's that you say? That's one more win at home than Jean-Sebastien Giguere? Well whaddya kow??? Listen, I'm not looking for a fight, it's very early in the season and the Canadiens have been known to go on awful losing streaks, but for all fans out there, don't count your chickens before they hatch, because you never know, one might be born with a hilarious birth defect...
That's all for now, Go Habs Go great win last night.

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Back at it.

So I am back writing for you fine people,and I have a lot to cover since we blanked the Sens 3-0.
Canadiens beat the Coyotes 3-2, Andrei Kostitsyn is looking like a talented chippy Belarussian and not a smelly, fat and lazy Belarussian. Gionta and Gomez do not score.
Canadiens beat the Islanders 5-3, Kostitsyn is still great, so is Pleks. Gionta and Gomez do not score.
Canadiens beat the Islanders 3-1, Alex Auld plays his first game and is great, AK an TP are still sick, Gionta and Gomez do not score.
AAAND FINALLY Canadiens lose to the Panthers 3-1, Markov comes back, Powerplay still stinks, Price gets outplayed by Vokoun, and of course...
Gionta and Gomez do not score.
So what conclusions can we draw from these games?
A) There is cautious optimism, actually, regular optimism in Montreal as the Habs are starting to come together and it is always nice when you start the season 7-3-1 and are first in your division.
B) Andrei Kostitsyn is back, Tomas Plekanec never left, and PK Subban is quietly leading all Rookie Defenders in points. Yay
C) Our second line is not clicking, Gionta and Gomez are playing with such offensive dynamos like Mathieu Darche and Travis Moen, while an offensively talented player like Lars Eller waits on the fourth line playing only ten minutes a game with one point so far this season. Definitely not a yay.

So I trust Jacques Martin, he's been in the league a long time and has paid dividends already here in Montreal, but this second line fiasco is something I cannot understand. They don't want Eller to develop in Hamilton because they believe he has NHL talent, but then do not give him enough ice time in the big leagues to develop into a top six forward. There are already rumblings from journalists like Bob "Big Head" MacKenzie who stated that Eller is looking like he will never be more than a third liner, I'm sure his opinion would not be the same if Eller had been playing with talented guys like Gomez and Gionta, or G-Love and Gio as they are known to their friends... True story about the G-Love thing.
The Canadiens play Columbus on Tuesday, they are a beatable team, the Canadiens have been playing well to anyone who says that the Habs should not be considered contenders because of the ease of their schedule should then also dismiss the beloved Toronto Maple Leafs who are "a great team" led by Phil Kessel "Hart Trophy Nominee" according to the wildly insightful Mike Brophy.
To Canadiens fans, ignore the haters, keep supporting the squad, and this will be a good year.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Another double header.

Sorry for the laziness, history papers and being away from my computer will do that.
So let's recap what happened this week:
Habs lay an egg, play crappy, Price plays well. Canadiens lose 3-0
Habs play great, Andrei K pots two, Price plays well. Canadiens win 3-0
Can anyone guess what the stagnant force in these two games was? Not going to be an "I-TOLD-YOU-SO'ER" buuuuuuut...
Carey Price has answered the call and will be the major reason if the Canadiens have success this season, he has made the saves needed to win games, and has not been the cause of a loss, he has only kept the team in games. I'm not naive enough to think that he is going to win the Vezina, or the Hart, even though Jose Theodore did both in one year.. what was the league smoking that year...
The team is not blessed with explosive offensive juggernauts, but their first line has been dynamic and their second line finally broke through on the Powerplay with Benoit Pouliot doing what he did last year when he was on pace for a 30 goal year, being in front of the net and putting the puck in.
Next up is the Coyotes and though they should not be taken lightly, the Canadiens always have good success against them. Let's just hope Andrei Kostitsyn doesn't get annihilated like he did in 2008 when he lost all of his mojo. Be optimistic, as long as Price plays well, this team can contend.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

A double header weekend.

Saturday morning after the Canadiens squeaked out a had fought win against Buffalo, I went to Habsinsideout and was greeted by a link to a Leafs blog, where they had an animation celebrating the longevity of Carey Price not having a home win. I brought up the simple point that the Maple Leafs had not won a playoff game on home ice in almost 6 times as long a wait, but I was refuted with "Blah Blah YOU booed Carey Price so don't defend him blah blah YOU burned a car after the Canadiens won a series and YOU booed the national anthem blah blah no actual refutation of the fact the Leafs haven't made the Playoffs since before Hurricane Katrina" I can deal with that to an extent, but now that Carey beat the Senators last night I can sleep easy without even worrying about those clowns. I am not against all Leaf fans, any fan who sticks by their team through crappy times deserve to be happy about a winning streak, but to those who Troll for the sake of trolling, then defend their trolling by shifting the focus to something else without any actual intelligent reasoning for it should have to drink a cup of Preston Lacy's sweat. (Jackass 3D reference sorry for the Spoiler).
The Canadiens are winning games, and their goaltender is keeping them in the ones they aren't. Tomas Plekanec is not letting the money get to his head, Andrei Kostitsyn is actually playing well albeit it is a contract year for him and Lars Eller is showing that Pierre Gauthier wasn't actually stoned on Pain killers when he traded for him.
To the real fans, this team can play.
To the trollers of the Hockey world, stop huffing house paint and get a life.
Bring on the Devils.

Thursday, October 14, 2010


I got to my seats in the Desjardins section last night, armed with two hotdogs, a piece of pizza and a water bottle (gotta love free food) read for a triumphant victory to open the home season. I knew if we were to pull a win out, three things would need to happen.
1. Our best players would need to be our best players.
Pleks and Cammy put on a show while our second line couldn't get anything going.
Grade: B
2. Carey Price would need to play well.
If you haven't seen it yet, put down the crack pipe and give the guy some recognition
3. Special Teams
Face palm.

I did not put down "lack of shoddy reffing" but we will get to that later.
The team let the game get away, when they were passing well it was beautiful to see, when they took penalty after penalty negating power play after futile power play, it was mind numbing. The Canadiens were able to hold on to a 3-2 lead with 2 minutes left and then came the Zebra defecation on the ice.
On further review it would look like PK Subban slashed the stick of the Lightning player, not his hand, it is tough to expect Referees to see a detail like that, but on the kill when Dustin Boyd was tripped in front of the net, nothing was called, and Steven Stamkos got a wide open net the idiots in the Molson Ex Zone obviously had enough. I am not a bottle throwing drunk off my ass buffoon, but you do not need to be one to be disgruntled at a call like that. There was a sinking feeling in the building as the team headed to overtime, and when Ryan Malone put in a rebound after Carey Price was yet again bombarded, we almost were not shocked anymore, as the game was lost the minute the score was equalized. The team needs to play better, Carey Price does not need more run support, but he needs the team behind him to field the ball better, and to get less errors. Sorry, we are still talking about Hockey.
On to Buffalo. On to Ryan Miller, a much better Goalie than Mike Smith.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Time to stuff it. Candiens 3 Penguins 2

Can we all take a communal sigh of relief?
I know many of you turned off your TVs when the Canadiens were down 2-1 late in the third.
"0-2 start, should have never dealt Halak"
"Can't believe the Leafs are going to have 4 more poins than us"
"I didn't take my Cialis today, and that's why I'm unhappy"
All real reactions to the game, until the Canadiens decided to bite back.
Josh Gorges threw it on the net and it was tipped by the great Jewtalian, making his triumphant return from suspension and having a field day in Pittsburgh, where he tore up the Pens in the playoffs. Most of us would have been happy with us going into Overtime, but Scott Gomez or "G-Love" to his friends, snuck a puck through the wickets of Marc-Andre Fleury. You could see by MAF's reaction, it was a softie, but we will take it.
I know it is the second game in the season, but can the negativity end here?
Carey Price is a good goaltender, I cannot understand the people who argue that he shouldn't be starting. Have you SEEN the saves he made last night?
Be quiet, and thank Mr. Price for keeping us in the game last night.
Next up: The Canadiens open up their season at home against the Lightning, or should we say Montreal, Florida.
It will be interesting to see how former Habs like Dominic Moore, Guy Boucher and yes, even Dan Ellis do against us, along with Quebecois stars like Lecavalier, St. Louis and Gagne.
Oh, and they still have Stamkos.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Season starts on shaky foot.

Not the start we wanted, but it's an 82 game season. Great on the fans for not getting on Price's case, but seriously, just admit it was a bad game by the Habs.
Am I a bad fan because I state the obvious, that our team played crappy defensively, we did not capitalize on chances, and our power play stunk worse than Kristey Alley's thighs pre Jenny Craig?
No, I would be a bad fan if I blamed the entire thing on Price letting up the Clarke MacArthur goal, even though it was the only goal where there was some defensive help, and I wouldn't call Jaro Spacek letting the attacker skate by him politely as much defensive presence. I am not going to blame the loss on the lack of Hamrlik, Markov and Cammalleri, although it's a hefty load to lose. The score was close enough that the team that was iced should have been good enough to force OT and win the game.
I can say chill out, but I do not think that is the right thing to do.
Get ready for a season that it going to have several bumps, but keep watching, once this team comes together hopefully things get a lot better. I think they will.
Saturday night we take on the Pens, things do not get any easier.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Training camp recap, and Captain Gio.

The Pre-Season is almost over and my pre-exhibition predictions were pretty bang on. The team we thought would start the season against Toronto is intact, save for a banged up Roman Hamrlik.
Max Pacioretty is also hurt, which adds to an already disappointing training camp. Ryan White has really impressed with his grittiness and is making every case possible to earn a spot with the big club and with three assists against the Panthers, Lars Eller showed why he was the real deal. As for the Defense, it looks like Spacek, Gill, Gorges, O'Byrne and Subban are healthy locks, while Hamrlik will recuperate eventually, and one of either Henry, Picard or Weber will start the year as the 7th defenseman.
Carey Price is good, so shut up. There was almost minimal reason to worry about his sub par play, and if it were not for some wide open rebounds, he would have shut out the Panthers on Monday night.

So it is official. Finally, after two weeks of speculating Brian Gionta has been named captain of the Montreal Canadiens. Great choice, great guy, this year will be fun, so sit tight and enjoy the ride.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010



shut up

Friday, September 17, 2010

Training Camp Opens.

Here we goooo again.
The 2010-2011 edition of the NHL season kicks off in a way today with the opening of Habs training camp, and already journalists have found a way to stir some trouble up.
Yesterday La Presse reported that Brian Gionta would be named team captain, fans rejoiced at the prospect of the team being formally led by a bona fide winner who struck gold at both the NHL and NCAA level. So of course Mr. Gionta has no idea, and management refuses to say anything.
I love when things are just so damn clear.
Anyway, the team is almost 100% set from the get go, as Cammalleri, Gomez, Gionta, Plekanec, Pouliot, Kostitsyn, Pyatt, Boyd, Halpern, Moen, Lapierre, Eller and Darche should make up the forwards. Gill, Gorges, Hamrlik, Spacek, O'Byrne, Subban and an injured Markov should make up the defensive corps and Price and Auld will be in nets.
Fringe players like Pacioretty, Maxwell, White and Desharnais should fight for a reserve spot on the team while young guys like Leblanc and Tinordi will be sent to their junior teams to hone their skills.
I do not think there will be any major surprises, as no one else really has NHL caliber talent. One player who might surprise minimally could be Alexander Avtsin, a highly talented Russian who fell to the fourth round because of the inconsistency of Russians coming to North America. Do not think he is some Guillaume Latendresse type guy who will become a exhibition fan favorite, but he should have a very good year in Hamilton.
In other news, former Habs coach Pat Burns is fighting for his life at home surrounded by Family and my thoughts go out to him. He is a class act who has been one of the most succesful coaches of the last 25 years.
Good luck Mr. Burns.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Oh yay...

This guy gets resigned for 2 years, 5.25 toal, my math isn't great but I'm preeeety sure that doesn't add up to $3M a year so I guess Michel Godbout's "very very close source" was "very very stoned".
Thank hashem we signed him, but this got tiresome very very quickly.
Let's get ready for training camp.
Carey, you better not have gotten fat.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Screw Michel Godbout. I'm back.

I was trying to think of a reason to get back into the Blogosphere. People had been pushing me to write about something, and I replied "What the hell is there to write about?" After this whole stupid Carey Price non-issue, I feel like maybe I should get back in the saddle and give my two cents.
So, Montreal is having heart palpitations after "Sports" correspondant Michel Godbout tweeted that Carey Price was "striking" until he was offered a deal worth $3 M. He said it was according to a very reliable source close to the Franchise Saviour. This gives me to hypotheses to this issue. Either the source was just wrong, or the source was hanging out with Carey one night in Anahim Lake and due to his absoloutely constant deadpan expression, he did not get the joke when he said "Man, man... seriously.... I should just go on like, a strike!"
My expert advice, chill out. It my firm belief that the Canadiens will sign Price and he will be ready for training camp. Although, if by some unfortunate turn of events, Price does not sign and we have to start with out roster of two old backups and a Finn in the KHL, god have mercy on out souls.
Training camp better come soon, or else I might die of boredom.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010


So let's go over what the Habs have done so far this off season before I head up to the exotic Laurentians for two months.

A) Playoff hero Jaro Halak was dealt to the St. Blues for elite prospect Lars Eller and Calgary Hitman Ian Schultz. The deal means that Carey Price has once again been given the drivers seat in Montreal while the team looks for a veteran backup Goalie.

B) The Canadiens surprise some and move up from 27th to 22nd in order to select behemoth and possible future captain Jarred Tinordi. He is the son of former NHLer Mark Tinordi and was the captain of the US U-18 National Development Team, called by many the best development team ever with 9 players drafted this year including two other first rounders, Goalie Jack Campbell and Defenseman Derek Forbort.

C) Pierre Gauthier solves a season long problem by dealing clubhouse cancer Sergei Kostitsyn far far away to Tennessee as the Habs acquire heart and soul grinder Dustin Boyd and soon to be UFA netminder Dan Ellis from the Nashville Predators. If the team can ink Ellis to a deal it will give them the seasoned vet they wanted to back up Carey Price.

Now what?
Well we should not assume that we're going to make another giant splash come free agency a la 2009, but it would be nice to build on some youthful depth. As shown by Stanley Cup Champions Chicago, four line depth is key in being successful.
That's all for now, can't wait for September.

Thursday, June 17, 2010


Okay, so right now seems like a perfectly good time to panic, in the words of Rex from Toy Story.
Jaroslav Halak, our "franchise savior" who singlehandedly took down powerhouses like Washington and Pittsburgh and got the Canadiens to within 3 wins of the Stanley Cup Finals, has been dealt to the St. Louis Blues for Danish Blue Chip Prospect Lars Eller and Ian Schultz, who is just plain chippy for the Calgary Hitmen.
So, you guys can continue to run round like decapitated chickens, I am going talk to the rational people here.
Jaroslav Halak put in an show stopping performance this year in the playoffs, he wanted to prove he was our starting goalie, but what now? Halak's play has given him something for his negotiating cause, he was at liberty to demand over 4 M a year when the Canadiens brass would approach him to re-sign him. What then? How would we re-sign Tomas Plekanec, our most consistent forward this year? And although Carey Price now looks like a cold commodity, would you really be ready to part ways with our 5th overall pick from 2005? A guy who had been hung out to dry more this year than a pair of Granny Panties, a player who when given reins all by himself, like he did in 2008 after Cristobal Huet had been traded, went 12-4 down the homestretch en route to 1st place in the East. The NHL is a goal tending carousel, Dwayne Roloson led the Oilers to the finals in 2006, only to be the backup on the Islanders, do you honestly think that Michael Leighton or Anti Niemi are going to have long distinguished NHL careers? Jaroslav Halak showed his worth, but can you really say that he would be in our plans for the future?
Lars Eller is a top notch prospect, he was an AHL all star last year, and was the 13th overall pick in 2007. He could come in and challenge for a spot on the top 6 next year. He is 21 years old. Before you state that all is lost, give this deal time, because in 3 years I have a feeling Lars Eller will be a big part of this team. Jaro, I wish you luck and want to thank you for the superhuman feats you performed for this team. I hope you get the starting job you deserve.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Season could be over tonight.

Well I've been away from the blogosphere for quite some time, but I had to add a post in time for tonight's game.
Chicago's time is now, and only now. Due to some contract SNAFUs this is the last year that the Blackhawks will be able to retain their complete core of players. You can be sure this team will come out tonight, knowing that the window of opportunity is as small as it will ever be. I will be frank about this, I will be angry if the Flyers win the Stanley Cup, not only because they dispatched the Canadiens, but because they display a sort of arrogance that just makes you want them to fall in a pile of dog poop.
Watch this game tonight, if you want to see real playoff Hockey, this game is for you.
After this series is over I will come out with a little mini draft preview with what we can do with our 27th overall pick.

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Game one of the SCF starts with a bang.

That was some craaaazy hockey, if only the Canadiens could have chased Michael Leighton from the net...
The Hawks look like a very good team, the Flyers aren't slouches, but the Blackhawks have some major firepower, as well as some grinders who could probbaly be first liners in Montreal.
Dave Bolland is a tank, I remember him from his London Knights days, was still a hard working guy who could turn the firepower on when he needed to.
Patrick Sharp absolutely sniped one over Leighton's shoulder for one of the goals.
Does anyone else notice that Arron Asham is slowly putting together quite a respectable playoff in terms of points. Does anyone else remember when he was a Hab?
Does anyone else remember the guy we traded him for?
The Powerful Pole himself, Mariusz Czerkawski!!!
After watching last night's game, I'm going to go out on a limb and say Hawks in 6.
They have all the tools right now, and it's not like Michael Leighton and Brian Boucher trump Anti Niemi in goal, it's kinda a tossup when the three guys weren't playing in the league regularly last year.
Considering how low the cap will be next year, this might be Chicago's chance, a perfect storm where they must capitalize and knock the Flyers overboard.
Gotta love those nautical terms. Arr-Arr-Arr.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

A year to be proud of.

Well it's over.
Funny, we were THIS close to calling this edition of the Canadiens a team of destiny. So close, but you will not see me in mourning.
This team defied the odds and made heroes out of some, and pariahs out of others. This team refused to say die, losing their best defense man FOR THE SECOND TIME THIS YEAR with a 6 month injury, and going through yet another goalie contreversey where by the end of it, despite the inspired performance of Jaroslav Halak, is no where near to being answered.
Last year, when the Canadiens were trounced in the first round, I decided to blame the season's failures on one man, or one White Russian Pansy Transvestite to be exact. Mikhail Garbovski, who took out Andrei Markov and Mathieu Schneider and sent the Canadiens on an absolutely horrid tailspin. This year, I will again place the blame on an unusual source.
You guys effed it all up. I wasn't mad that you lost the first three games after being up 3-0, but it would have been all too perfect if you had just closed it out Game Seven. You would have been fragile, unsure, and missing David Krejci and Marco Sturm, two of your top six forwards! I can guarantee that the Canadiens would have put the wood to the Broons, and we would be looking at a showdown with the Hawks. But NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. Even with a 3-0 lead in Game 7 you have to unceremoniously poop the bed.
For shame.
All kidding aside, I want to give some salutes to the players who showed their worth on this unforgettable run, and some of the players who weren't so lucky.
Mike Cammalleri: I salute you for being an upgrade to Alex Kovalev, you actually play well in the Playoffs AND the regular season.
Scott Gomez and Brian Gionta: I salute you for being on the only people trying during this Flyers series.
Hal Gill: I salute you for still being Hall Skill, even with one leg hacked into.
Josh Gorges: I salute you for being the last kid picked all your life, and still showing that you are Captain Material.

And now, the others....
Tomas Plekanec: Sorry that with your style of play and performance (or lack thereof...) in the playoffs makes you just a little too pricey for our team moving forward.
Marc Andre Bergeron: Sorry that while blessed with a rocket shot, you have Hockey aspergers.
Andrei Kostitsyn and Sergei Kostitsyn: Sorry for... just the get hell out of this town.
AAAAAND to Carey Price and Jaroslav Halak: Although you both can play, sorry that only one of you will be left in Montreal when next season starts.

Thats the obit for this year, thank you Bob Gainey for giving us a fun cast of characters to stand behind and give Montreal something to actually cheer about come the springtime.

Go Blackhawks. Hee hee
Peace, tonight you are all true believers,

Monday, May 24, 2010

Game 5 Don't give up just yet...

Well, I guess things aren't going exactly to plan.
After two stunning series victories the Canadiens have looked, well, like they did midseason when nothing was going right.
Really, 1 shot in the second period? Poop is kinda hitting the fan. Well it's not the time to give up just yet, the Habs have come back game after game after game, each time their backs were against the wall. This city just has to keep believing. They can still kick some ass, even if they are the big bad Flyers.
In other news, the Blackhawks advanced to their first Stanley Cup Final since 1992 and seem to be a team on a mission, their deep group of talent is certainly impressive, with Olympic MVP Jonathan Toews, Calder Trophy winner Patrick Kane, Slovakian superstar Marian Hossa and Norris Trophy candidate Duncan Keith.. Whoever comes out of the East will have their hands full with that All Star line up.
Have faith boys n girls. The show ain't over yet.
Peace true believers,

Friday, May 21, 2010

Series restored, and game #3 Preview RANT ALERT

Remember when I said don't panic? Well all I can say is it feels damn good to be right.
Last night was a covincing victory that seemed to really get under the skin of the Flyers. Oh, we're dicks because we put our top PP line on when we were already up 4-1? I'm sorry, I thought this was the stanley cup playoffs. It was a three goal load, not like we were embarassing you like you guys did in game one. If you guys want to jack a score up 6-0, don't start talking about bad karma when we repay the favor you cream cheese eating ingrates.
What else is on my mind? Oh yeah, tonight when asked about the chipiness of BOTH teams by Brent Wallace, Darren Dreger decided to instead go on a tagent talking 1) Gorges high sticking Claude Giroux but it being okay because he "apologized", 2) Scott Gomez tapping Dan Carcillo on the head after Carcillo cheapshotted him in order to get a retaliation penalty and 3) Mike Cammalleri pushing off a defender to score the first goal of the game, Dregs then HAD to add that "Many people think that shouldn't have been a goal".
You know what, I know that you and the rest of your Leaf groupies cannot wait for the Canadiens to be bounced so you could instead talk about Brian Burke's new five year plan that starts with the brilliant "trade Tyler Seguin/Taylor Hall and another first round pick" move, but we're still in this, and we're not going away so easy. We are the last Canadian team in the playoffs, I'm sure if the Canucks were in our place all the focus would be on the quetionable play of our opponents. We Montrealers who actually want to watch in English turn to TSN for it's intelligent insight from both sides, you really think you are going to lure viewers in when they have to watch their team get dissed for 3 minutes? Instead of ignoring the fact that FLYER Scott Hartnell instigated a fight in the last 5 minutes and how in the regular season that would be a suspension, why don't you actually focus on the fact that this is a chippy affair on both sides and stop portraying the Canadiens as a team that does not deserve to be at this point.
I think I needed to get that out of my system.
Anyways it should be a physical and emotional game tomorrow and let's hope the Habs show what they can do and expose Leighton early and often.
Peace true believers,

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Well, take a deep breath.

Okay, so we're down 2-0, have been outscored 9-0, out shot the Flyers, and do not really have a presence in this series at this point.
Maybe it's time to pretend that we didn't just win two stunning playoff rounds, and that the entire city wasn't captivated by their great run full of inspiring performances.
Or, maybe we support this team and cheer for them no matter what, because we proved that we could do it, and proved that this team can skate with the best of them, suck it Leaf fans, many of you guys are waiting to write an obituary saying that the Habs suck, but it sounds mighty insecure coming from a team that along with the Panthers, are the only two clubs in the league who have not made the playoffs.
So, shut your pie holes.
Cheer on this team, they can still pull this off.
Peace True Believers,

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Conference Finals Previews.

I think we all felt like the Canadiens were doing something really freaking special as we watched them take down the President's Trophy winners and the reigning Stanley Cup champions. I'm sure we thought it would be the talk of the playoffs.
Then the Flyers have to steal our thunder by coming back 3-0, in games won and and in goals in game 7. Instead of playing a beat up and scared Bruins team, we play an inspired Flyers team that will probably get Jeff Carter back in their line up early in the series. On a positive note, we take on Michael Leighton, a guy who at one point, was actually on the Habs, as a third goalie who never played a minute for us and was traded at the 2007 draft for a seventh round pick.
I cannot tell you what is going to happen in this series, because no one thought the 7th and 8th team would face off for a trip to the Stanley Cup, but I can tell you this much. If the Canadiens continue to frustrate the opposing teams top players, and Jaroslav Halak puts in another solid performance, there should be no reason why the Canadiens do not come up to accept the Prince of Wales trophy.
As for the West, truthfully I hope both teams get Influenza, like what happened in 1918, and whoever makes it from the East wins by default. Seeing as that won't happen, I'm going to call Hawks in 6. I think Chicago makes the jump and becomes an elite team.
So enjoy the off day, tomorrow is going to be nucking futs.
Peace true believers,

Wednesday, May 12, 2010


There are little words to describe the feeling of this victory. I'm going to let it soak in. Bring on the Broons or Flyers, the Canadiens are on the run of a lifetime. Rest in Peace Mellon Arena. Sid and company, you put up a hell of a fight.
I love this team.
Peace true believers,

2nd Intermission Update

The Habs got out to a slower start in the 2nd, but Andrei Kostitsyn made a nice play to keep the puck in the zone, fed it to Jaro Spacek who threw it in front and BAM!
Attack of the Jewtalian!
Mike Cammalleri has been Conne Smythey. I can safely say it now.
Whew. So everyone reading this, I am writing as the game goes on. So think of this as a literary highlight reel.
Back to the game, Halak played well, but gave up a bad chance in fron to Chris Kunitz. He made no mistake and buried it.
4-1 Habs.
The Canadiens cannot get shaken by this, they have to keep doing what they're doing. Crap, I was so happy, now it almost feels like we're down. We fans in Montreal have confidence issues.
No shit, I know.
TSN brain farted majorly in their update, crediting Kris Letang with his first of the playoffs.
Two things wrong with that, Letang didn't score and he has 5 already this playoff.
Dom Moore is playing so well, he almost set up a goal with about 8 minutes left by making a great rush to the net. Habs are still sticking it to the Pens, good to see. Hamr takes a penalty, the Habs NEED to make it out of this period unscathed. Sergei Gonchar has been absolutely dreadful tonight.
Jordan Staal tips a shot past Halak. 4-2.
They need to hang on. They need to calm down. At least now we have a game on our hands.
I really thought I wouldn't have a heart attack tonight. Well I guess that was wishful thinking. Things starting to get chippy. If they Habs can once again finish the period with a two goal lead, I'm happy. Matt Cooke is a little bitch. Fuck Gorges, why couldn't you let him have the puck and THEN hit him. Period over, still up 4-2, but we have a Power Play to deal with next period.
Peace true believers,
We can still do this.

First Intermission update.

Whew, that first goal really lowered my heart rate.
A crappy goal is exactly what we needed to get back into this game, nothing quiets a crowd like a softie when their Captain is in the box.
Dom Moore picked up a interesting penalty after Lapierre almost made it 2-0. Gill is a warrior for being back on the ice blocking shots. Great effort by the Habs on the kill, Tommy Pleks almost buried an amazing short handed chance on the breakaway. The Pens look more nervous than a 14 year old unclasping his first bra.
The Pens started to pick it up in the form of Jordan Staal and his line mates. You really wonder what he could be capable of if didn't play behind Malkin and Crosby at Center.
Then Dominic redeems himself. 2-0 Habbies.
His second huge Game Seven goal this playoffs, and an incredible effort from the all of a sudden godly Maxim Lapierre.
The Pens are nervous, Sid Crosby is nervous, and Marc Andre Fleury is nervous. I will not declare anything just yet, I will only feel confident once Brent Johnson is between the pipes and Fleury is chased.
As the period ticked away. The Canadiens have their work cut out for them, they are up 2-0. And need to keep it that way.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Habs 4 Pens 3. It all comes down to one game.

I had to do it, just had to.
What a hockey game! In my 10 years of going to Canadiens games at the Bell Centre, I have never screamed louder than I did last night. The crowd erupted when Mike Cammalleri ripped his 10th of the post season past Marc Andre Fleury, cascaded in boos when the Officials embarked on a mission to screw the team with timely calls and non calls, and absolutely lit up like St. Jean Baptiste day when Cammy tied the score up and received a near 5 minute ovation from me and my fellow partisans. There was some mild irony that "Vertigo" was played when Jaro Spacek scored his first of the playoffs after returning from that said illness.
Then, Max Lapierre the quintessential "super pest" shows that he's so much more than a mouth. His end to end rush had the place bouncing like those giant balls from the South Park episode.
So. What are our chances tomorrow night? I like them. I think as this team gets healthier, they become more dangerous. I think that Mike Cammalleri is playing his best hockey. Ever. The Canadiens have won 7 playoff games this year. That is the most games won by the Habs since 1993. Gee, what happened that year?
It should not end here. It can not end here. Go Habs Go, let's shock the world yet again.
Peace true believers,

Monday, May 10, 2010

Game 6 Preview: City on the edge.

After the Canadiens dramatic come from behind win against the Penguins Thursday night, I got the call that I would have the chance to attend game 6 tonight. I had high hopes resting on Saturday;s game, knowing that a win in Game 5 would give me a chance to see the Canadiens eliminate the Pens in front of a raucous Bell Centre crowd. So of course we lose Game 5. You know what though, I still have hope for this team. This is a team that can get the job done, they have shown us their grit in the clutch from the Washington series. There is no reason why the Canadiens can't skate out with a win and force a game seven. All they need is the fan support so be loud as hell. I wanna be partially deaf in the ear by the time the first is done.
Who knows what's going on with the D, I would just look stupid to speculate. Spacek looks ready to go, and Gill will be a game time decision. Makov will not play, I am sure of that.
So get ready, because in just over two hours, it will be Hockey's version of judgement day.
If the Canadiens win tonight, there is mad hope that they can take this series on Wednesday.
Peace true believers,

Friday, May 7, 2010

Against all odds. Habs 3 Penguins 2. Series tied 2-2

The title of my blog is also a very inspiring Phil Collins song.
Just thought you should know.
Well once again the Canadiens seemed up against the ropes, up for dead and with no magic left. Then, they win.
Wait what?
This team is courageous, resilient and to borrow a term from the lovely Brian Burke, truculent!
Their third liners, or "pluggers" as the Montreal media have branded them, put in an inspired effort including 2 of our 3 goals.
What it all comes down to though, is leadership in the face of adversity. The players signed by Bob Gainey this summer, the Cammalleris, the Giontas and Gills of this world, know exactly what it takes to win, and are embracing their underdog roles.
Like James A. Baldwin once said, the most dangerous creation of any society is the man who has nothing to lose. Now, ask me who James A. Baldwin is. It doesn't matter, because the Canadiens are now dangerous, and men on a mission. If I were the Penguins right now, I would start to sweat a little.
Enjoy the weekend,
Peace true believers,

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Game 4 preview. Do not panic.

Well I think it's safe to say we all have avoided talking about Tuesday night's game. The truth is, the Canadiens gave it all they had, they just ran into a very good goaltender. It is not time to freak out, this series is not over yet. The Canadiens need to put the same effort in tonight, but they must keep the momentum up with an early goal or two. The series is not over, far from it. The Canadiens MUST win tonight, the Penguins are more consistent than the Capitals and will have no problem closing out a 3-1 series.
Enjoy the game, hopefully the weather clears up.
Peace true believers,

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Trying to grab the Bull by the Balls. Game 3 Preview.

Hear those loud obnoxious horns, you see that effigy of Sid Crosby being burned at stake? No the FLQ haven't taken over, it's Round Two in Montreal! The streets will be buzzing and the Bell Centre will be at a decibel level formerly not known to mankind. The average Blood Alcohol level on Ste. Catharines tonight should be able to put the entire population in Westmount in the drunk tank for the night.
But I digress...
The Pittsburgh Penguins are not the Washington Capitals, they actually do have more self confidence than a 14 year old with a zit on her forehead. They can get the job done if given the chance to execute. So the Canadiens need to keep up their defensive wizardry. Hal Gill, Josh Gorges and P.K. Subban have to be rocks on the blue line yet again. Mike Cammalleri needs to keep finding those dead spots in the zone, and Andrei Kostitsyn needs to be super glued to the bench.
Emphasis on the Super Glue.
If the Canadiens can pull a victory off tonight, they put themselves in the driver's seat of this Eastern Conference Semi Final, and a lead a series 2-1 for the first time since the Bruins series in 2008. Our third line center was Bryan Smolinski. Yeah, it's been a while.
Enjoy the game and anyone who boos the national anthem should have to make out with Evgeni Malkin

I know, I've already used this picture. But I feel now is a good time to bring it out of the Montreal Hypocrites archive.
Peace true believers,

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Making it a best of five series, Habs win 3-1 in Game #3

Well another series starts, another loss where we seemed totally mismatched, and another scrappy win the re-instill hope.
It's not even surprising anymore guys.
Well the Canadiens showed that they could once again roll with the big dogs with an 3-1 win led by the scoring brilliance of our favorite Jewtalian, Mike Cammalleri. Both his goals were brilliant, the first one a testament to his probably Italian natural soccer abilities, and the other a clutch snipe to put away the Pens. Jaroslav Halak's 38 saves were not in any way godly, but held the fort and was a great bounce back from his shaky Game 1. Andrei Kostitsyn only played a minute and a half, and Sergei was scratched. I think it is safe to say that these boys might have played themselves out of this city.
Hal Gill continues to be Hal Skill, and P.K. Subban is way too sick. The future is bright with the Subbinator in it.
On to Game 3, the Bell Centre will be rocking harder than Roman Polanski's trailer outside a middle school.
Low blow? I don't care this is a hockey blog.
Peace true believers,

Friday, April 30, 2010

Game time. Round Two: Canadiens vs. Penguins

Well, now that the after party of our stunning game seven victory is nearing it's end, it's time to face a sobering reality. Tonight the Canadiens take on the Pittsburgh Penguins, the defending Stanley Cup champions led by Sidney Crosby who had 14 points in only six games against the Senators.
Buzz kill,
I know.
So how can we take this team down? They are more disciplined than the Capitals, have proven goaltending and their best players have been their best players. If this team wants to hold up against the Penguins they need to keep doing what they are doing, but improve greatly in other areas. For example, the shut down tandem of Gill and Gorges will need to continue to frustrate the opponent's top lines by getting their sticks in traffic and muscling them off the puck. Although, only 15 shots are not going to be enough to outscore this team. Marc Andre Fleury is a far more mature, consistent and talented Goalie than Semyon Varlamov. He wasn't the first overall pick in 2003 for nothing. One player for the Canadiens who has to step it up is another 2003 draftee, the 10th overall pick Andrei Kostitsyn. Since scoring a hat-trick in game two, he has looked incredibly flakey and has trouble hitting the nets on his shots. Something that goes without saying is that Jaroslav Halak needs to be Jaroslav Halak. His first round performance will go down as one of the best series performance by a goalie of all time, if he does not put the same effort into this series, it will not be remembered for long.
As we've seen from the Capitals series, the Canadiens can play with the NHL's elite, the team needs to continue to be inspired and the fans need to keep supporting this club. Because, who knows? This could be a team of destiny.
Enjoy the game.
Peace true believers,

Thursday, April 29, 2010


I would be lying if I told you I wasn't nervous last night, I would be a fibber if I told you that I didn't feel the initial stages of Cardiac Arrest coming over me as we killed that final Ryan O'Byrne penalty. One thing I am not lying about, is that I had faith in this team. I continued to have faith in this team and at NO point did I write the Montreal Canadiens' obituary prematurely.
I knew this day would come, I knew eventually I'd be able to safely praise Bob Gainey and at the same time, make all of you idiots who do not have the self confidence to support this team all year round feel well, like idiots. Well guys, I'll let you wallow in your own shame. But here's some subtle retribution for all the crap you gave this team throughout this year.

To all those who believed trading Chris Higgins for Scott Gomez AND Tom Pyatt was giving up too much:
Suck it.

To all those who criticized the signings of Mike Cammalleri and Brian Gionta because of their size:
Suck it.

To all those who thought that Hal Gill and Travis Moen were wastes of space DESPITE watching them play pivotal roles in previous cup runs:
Suck it big time.

Aaaaaaaaand to all those who said that Gainey never did enough, that he didn't know what he was doing, and that his revamp this year was a waste of time:
You folks can suck it the most out of all of them.

So on to the Second Round!


#4 Pittsburgh Penguins vs. #8 Montreal Canadiens Friday 7:00 PM
The Canadiens just came off of one of their most emotional series wins in recent memory, but they will have no break as they take on the defending cup champions. Pittsburgh is a complete team, and Sidney Crosby is playing his best hockey that we've ever seen. That's a scary thought.

#6 Boston Bruins vs. #7 Philadelphia Flyers Saturday 12:30 PM
A re-match of the 2010 Winter Classic, these two teams are tough, tenacious and surprise first round winners. I expect this series to be gritty, bloody, and totally awesome. Marc Savard is set to return to the ice for Game One for Boston while Simon Gagne and Jeff Carter are still out for Philly.


#1 San Jose Sharks vs. #5 Detroit Red Wings Thursday 9:00 PM
The Sharks are out to prove they can finally win in the Playoffs, the Wings are trying to prove they are still a major Hockey force. This series could go either way and should be full of impressive offensive performances. Look for San Jose's top line to step it up if they want to advance to the Western finals.

#2 Chicago Blackhawks vs. #3 Vancouver Canucks Saturday 8:00 PM
The Vancouver Canucks have nightmares of Patty Kane's hat trick on home ice that won the series for Chicago in 2009. If Roberto Luongo wants to silence his critics, he will have to be on the top of his game. The Canuck's superb swedes should have a interesting time playing against Chicago's vast arsenal of rough and tumble power forwards and Marian Hossa will be on a mission to finally capture that elusive Cup that he has gotten so close to the last two years.

So there you have it, the Canadiens are up against the world yet again. Many people will not give them a shot, but this series is a testament to not giving up hope and having faith in your team.
Peace TRUE believers,

Wednesday, April 28, 2010


Judgement day.
The signings, trades, managerial changes all come down to tonight at 7. The best team in the League, the most explosive player, the best entourage of play makers, snipers and power forwards, all a game away from being eliminated by a team called too small, too weak and too injury prone to do anything. The Canadiens get a lot of crap from fans around the league, because of their um, eccentric fans, and the long and drawn out historic ceremonies. You know what, most of the time, they deserve your not so gentle ribbing, but to all Leaf and Sens fans, if we pull this win off, in the immortal words of Dale Doback and Brennen Huff from Step Brothers, just shut your mouth. Just, shut it.
Jaroslav Halak was truly spectacular in Game Six, and must be more than spectacular tonight. I feel that each time we play the Capitals, we need a one goal handicap to properly be even. It's only when we score the second goal do I feel any ease at all. The Canadiens have scored first in four of the six games, and will need to add a fifth time to their list tonight. There is room to have hope boys and girls, mad crazy hope, so get out there, put those annoying little flagfs up on your car and be a good Montrealer and break a window if they win. Second one was just a joke, but I could always use a new pair of shoes from Foot Locker...
Enjoy the game, and Go Habs Go
Peace True Believers,

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

One of the biggest games of the last ten years.

I don't really know how else to start this post. I have never seen the Bell Centre more rocking, it must've been those darn towels. I have never seen the Habs come out with that fire throwing hit after hit at the Capitals. I have NEVER seen a Goaltender make 53 something saves look that easy. This was a game for the ages, it was a game that inspired the entire province and hopefully lights a fire under the tuchus of this Hockey Club. It might not have hit them yet, but they are 60 minutes away from beating the Washington Capitals. The big bad Washington Capitals who according to every poon-dit in the country, had won this series when it was still 3-1. Funny, I could have sworn this was a best of 7. I'm not celebrating, because Game 7 will be tougher than last night, the Capitals will have a sense of urgency and Alex Ovechkin will be a man on a mission. I can't tell you what our chances are on Wednesday night, but I will tell you this much; If Jaroslav Halak plays HALF as well as he did last night, if Gill and Gorges, the new Wonder Twins, continue to frustrate and bully Washington's sharp shooters AND if Mike Cammalleri, Tomas Plekanec and YES even the young Pernell Karl Subban can generate some good scoring chances, we have a shot.
A shot is better than nothing.
Enjoy today, brace yourselves for tomorrow.
Peace True Believers,

Monday, April 26, 2010

Playoff Recap and some juicy news.

The Playoffs are in full gear, heres a little recap of some of the first round match ups.

#1 Washington Capitals vs. #8 Montreal Canadiens WAS Leads 3-2
A series that surprisingly has gone to six games can go either way tonight, depending on the performance of Montreal's unsung heroes, like Hal Gill, Dominic Moore and Travis Moen.

#2 New Jersey Devils vs. #7 Philadelphia Flyers PHI Wins 4-1
Maybe a changing of the guard in the Atlantic Division, as Brian Boucher beat Martin Brodeur, no that's not a typo and the Devils looked very beatable.

#3 Buffalo Sabres vs. #6 Boston Bruins BOS Leads 3-2
Really a series I don't think much people are watching but has been entertaining and physical. Just look at Johnny Boychuk's absolute obliteration of Matt Ellis. Ryan Miller needs to play like Ryan Miller if the Sabres want to win this game.

#4 Pittsburgh Penguins vs. #5 Ottawa Senators PIT Wins 4-2
Sidney Crosby is good. He is damn good. Senators made it interesting with Matt Carkner's 3rd Overtime winner in Game 5, but pooped the bed in Game 6 and blew a 3-0 lead. Pascal Dupuis' OT marker ended the Sens up and down season.

#1 San Jose Sharks vs. #8 Colorado Avalanche SJS Wins 4-2
The Sharks had their usual first round scare, SEE Dan Boyle scoring on his own net in Overtime. They pulled it all together and finished the depleted Avalanche in the third period of Game Six, with their Second line of Clowe - Pavelski - Setoguchi looking more like Heatley - Thornton -Marleau.

#2 Chicago Blackhawks vs. #7 Nashville Predators CHI Leads 3-2
Definitely the best series of the first round, two young Finnish goaltenders have staged great battles and the Pred's impotence on the PP finally came back to bite them in the heiney when the 'Hawks young guns staged a sick comeback and Marian Hossa, who escaped an almost inevitable suspension for his hit on Dan Hamhuis, won Game Five.

#3 Vancouver Canucks vs. #6 Los Angeles Kings VAN Wins 4-2
This was not as easy as it looked for Van City. Roberto Luongo was very beatable and the Kings showed why they are the team of the future in the NHL. Mikael Samuelsson was the superman of this series.

#4 Phoenix Coyotes vs. #5 Detroit Red Wings Series tied 3-3
Two springs ago after the Wings hoisted their 11th Cup, who would guess that Detroit would be playing in a game 7 against the owner-less Phoenix Coyotes? The NHL's Cinderella team will look to keep their dream season alive.

Tony Marinaro of TEAM 990 reported at 9:30 that P.K. Subban will be called up for tonight's game, this was followed up by a press release, about a minute before this blog was published. Subban has been outright dominant this year in the AHL and should work as hard as he can to keep this series alive and force a game 7. I'm not that fond of Tony but I gotta give him props for this huge call. I tuned in to his radio show, only to hear him complaining about the lack of Towels at playoff games this year.
Well, I guess you can't win em' all.

Enjoy the game.
Peace true believers,

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Where the hell have I been???

Well I don't know how many people still read this, but for the sake of keeping appearances I'm going to make a triumphant return to the world of blogging!
So since I've gone, the Canadiens were almost cemented into a 6th or 7th spot in the playoffs, only to lose it in the majority of their final games and clinch the 8th spot by only one point. They then generated mad hope by beating the President's Trophy Washington Capitals in Game One, only to lose the next three and be given up on. They then won a hard fought battle last night, and everyone's back on the hope bandwagon.
So what happens now?
Although a series win may be a mere pipe dream, there is no reason to not have faith in this team. With the strong goaltending from Jaro Halak that we saw, as well as the Defensive presence of Hall Gill and company there is no reason why we can't stretch this series to a game seven. At this point we just need to stay optimistic and make sure the Bell Centre crowd is electric to inspire the team.
Oh, and to the flag kid, if Alex Ovechkin sprays you with snow, do Montreal a favor and whack him in his Russian nuts with the pole.
Peace true believers,

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

One step away. Habs Isles preview.

Hopefully we will won't talk like Sylvester Stallone when this is all done.
Well after a year of injuries, goaltending controversies, trades and GM changes, the Canadiens can actually lock up a playoff spot tonight with a win against the New York Islanders and a New York Rangers loss. Coincidence that we need two New York teams to be defeated. Where's King Kong when you need him? All bets point to Jaro Halak being in net for the Habs tonight and all bets point to the Isles being a lose dangerous team with nothing to lose. The Canadiens will need to stop relying on Halak's sheer brilliance of late and create scoring chances from their top two lines, as fun as it was to see Ryan O'Byrne actually score goal. I am very excited for what this next month will bring if the Canadiens can clinch a spot, so of course fat has it that I will be out of the Contient for the next two weeks. Let's just say this, the Novotel Warsaw hotel better have a friggin' business center.
Enjoy the game, let's lock it up tonight.
Peace True Believers,

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Where the hell have I been?

Well the Canadiens sure have had an interesting streak of games since I last posted. If I had posted yesterday before the Flyers game, I might have been a little apocalyptic with my comments.
Maybe I wouldn't be that bad, but seriously guys, you couldn't score 2 goals. You let Carey Price out to dry, and to the fans who booed him, go lick the most inner fold of Ken Hitchcock's taint. Price puts in a decent effort game after game, and game after game he continues to be strung out like Liberace in Alabama.
But after last night, it's a little brighter in Montreal, and no, it's not because it is 25 and sunny outside.
Let's not get ahead of ourselves, a 1-0 win where a Flyer goal was disallowed and Jaro Halak needed to stand on his head was not my idea of a tone setting win. But those 2 points come in handy down this Playoff stretch.
Does this team have it in them to get to the post-season and do some damage? I don't know, only time will tell, but one thing's for sure if we have one weakness, and we have many, it sure as hell isn't Goaltending.
Peace True Believers,

Monday, March 22, 2010

Hell of a big one. Sens Habs

Don't have to tell you that this game is going to have a Playoff atmosphere around it. Two teams tied in points and games played. The Canadiens are on a 7 game streak where they have gotten points and the Senators have only once since the Olympic break. Needles to say, Ottawa's going to be as desperate as a World of Warcraft player the day before Prom. The Habs cannot give up the first goal and whoever is in nets must shut down the Sens' high flying forwards. The Canadiens will need about 88-90 points to clinch a playoff spot and that means 5 more wins.
Let's get #1 tonight.
Peace true believers,

Friday, March 19, 2010

Closing in on the playoffs.

So naysayers, let's look at all the terrible moves made by the Canadiens that got them to this point.
1. Trade Chris Higgins, Ryan McDonagh and Pavel Valentenko for Scott Gomez and Tom Pyatt.
So what if Gomez has 3 times as many points as Higgy. He has been so valuable that he's had the chance to shine for two teams this year! As for Pavel Valentenko, no goals in two years in the KHL? No problem! And Ryan McDonagh will soon join the ranks of the great Ranger prospects of all time, right with Hugh Jessiman and Stefan Cherneski.

2. Do not sign Saku Koivu, Alex Kovalev, Alex Tanguay, Mathieu Schneider or Mike Komisarek.
Awful call by the management here. Koivu and Tanguay's 22 combined goals are missed dearly. As for Kovalev, we never gave him the chance to give him a leadership role, and now he's making us pay as his Senators terrorize the league with a 1-5-1 record since the Olympic Break. Mathieu Schneider's booming shot on the point really payed dividends for the Manitoba Moose and Mike Komisarek is still bruising and intimidating, on his couch as he rehabilitates from a season ending shoulder injury.
3. Sign guys like Mike Cammalleri, Brian Gionta, Travis Moen, Hal Gill and Jaroslav Spacek, Marc-Andre Bergeron.
This team is so small! What is this? A franchise for ants? Ignore the fact that Hal Gill is 6'7. And that during the Penguins playoff run, he lined up on the blue line against Richards, Carter, Ovechkin, Semin, Staal, Zetterberg and Datsyuk. How did they do again? Cammalleri's almost 30 goals in 55 games? Bush league, I don't care if his leg basically did a full 360 when we has taken down against the Senators, I can't believe we gave that guy 4 Mil. All the other guys are just downgrades from stars like Stephane Quintal, Darren Langdon and the great Pierre Dagenais.
4. Trade for players like Benoit Pouliot and Dominic Moore.
I mean, come on how can you like these deals. Pouliot's not even a real Quebeccer?
And Dominic Moore? I mean how can anyone who went to Harvard play tough gritty hockey? Give me Steve Begin, who went to Ecole Polyvalente de Trois Rivieres, now that's an Alma Mater to be proud of!

Everyone who gave the Canadiens shit, it's nice to prove dumb people wrong.
How you like dem apples.
Bring on the Leafs tomorrow night.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Don't want to jinx this.

But the Canadiens are going for six in a row!
Wow, did not think I would say that this year. With all the injuries and inconsistency the Team has faced, it would be a miracle if we would still be in contention at this point of the year. It's almost unthinkable that they are the hottest team in the league post Olympic break. No granted many wins have been close, and downright ugly, but two points are two points whichever way you slice it.
The Habs take on the Rangers at MSG tonight, and according to, they will have Tomas Plekanec in the lineup, even though Ben Maxwell was called up today from Hamilton. Jaro Halak will play yet again tonight as the Canadiens brass will try to get him into a Playoff groove, and no timetable has been announced for the return of Mike Cammalleri and Marc Andre Bergeron.
The Rangers are in the thick of the Eastern Conference playoff battle, and they will hungry for a win tonight. This should be a helluva game!
And if anyone at the game today is able to hit Sean Avery in the head with a plate of Nachos while he's in the box, I will buy them a steak.
Enjoy the game,
Peace True Believers,

Friday, March 12, 2010

2 points is 2 points.

But yikes, was that ugly.
I guess this cements the hypothesis that the Canadiens' play to their opponents level. Even when that opponent has the worst record in the National Hockey League.
POSITIVES: The Pou-Gomez-Gio line is still producing, and Tom Plekanec and Andrei Kostitsyn got back to their scoring ways. The bottom lines continue to create energy and surprisingly timely offence, and the Habs now have won 4 straight and can breath a little easier in 7th place.

NEGATIVES: Other than the fact that we almost lost to the Oilers, Jaro Halak did not play a very good game, but let's be fair, even though many of you are ready to jump off the Jaroslavwagon because of this shaky game, Halak has been stealing games at times when our team did not show up. No one's perfect, and hey, we got two points. I was actually happy to see Edmonton play well, because lord knows their fans have been waiting to see them play some competitive hockey. I just hope they do not start playing TOO well, to make sure that Toronto does not finish last in the league. Do we really want to face Boston next year having to worry about an Offensive dynamo like Taylor Hall?

Let's be happy, times are good, Spring is right around the corner, and Les Boys are making a run for the Playoffs.
Peace True Believers,

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Zapping the Bolts.

Another brilliant pun by yours truly.
Well that 5-3 was sweet, especially since yours truly was right there in row DD to see it happen. This win couple with the Thrashers loss gives us just a bit of breathing room in this tight Eastern playoff race, but to solidify a spot they need to keep up their winning ways. This means we need Scott Gomez to play as well as he did last night, he has been a monster since the Olympic Break and lately has been earning every cent of his lucrative contract. His line of him, Gio and Benny Pou have been tearing it up, and when Mike Cammalleri returns to the line up, we should have two lethal lines. As for the D, it was also up to snub, unless you count Hal Gill's tape to tape passing, right to the stick of Steven Stamkos...
Matt Darche played a strong game, so did Glen Metropolit.
Great game all around, let's keep it up and make a strong push for the playoffs.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Hollywood Double Header

The Canadiens embarked on a West Coast expedition this week and came away with 4 out of a possible six points. Now this doesn't give any of you idiots any reason to celebrate. A great showing by a scrappy team, and goaltending that keeps us in the game, even though Carey Price kind of shat the bed last night.
Now I'm not going to lie, I was switching back and forth between the game, which we were losing, and the Academy Awards.
Penelope Cruz....
Or 3-1 Ducks?
I switched back in time to see the Habs equalize the score, while people were dancing interpretively to some of the Best Picture nominees.
I then saw Tommy Pleks score the winner and the Canadiens take another step to clinching a playoff spot.
I still have hope for this team, they just need to come together at the right time.
Let's pray that Mike Cammalleri gets out of the 'Hurt Locker' quick.
Hee hee.
Topical funny.
Peace True Believers,

Friday, March 5, 2010

A game that got away.

I'm going to be honest, I fell asleep before the start of the third period last night. Let's face it, it was was damn late and I had a headache. Before I went to bed, the Canadiens had played a hard fought game and through some amazing goaltending by Carey Price, we had a 2-1 lead on the San Jose Sharks, one of the NHL's elite teams. When I woke up, we had lost, and Max Lapierre was Public Enemy #1 on TSN. Now the outcome of the game was disappointing, but it was nice to see the Habs skate with a great team, and have Price put on a show in nets. The one thing I am shocked about, is that Maxim Lapierre is still on this team. I know many of you love Mad Max, either because he is scrappy, or because he is a home town boy. If you evaluate his year, you will see that he has not produced and has been pestering some of the NHL's best fighters, only to run away when it came time to drop the gloves. This last stunt he pulled, pushing Shark forward Scott Nichol into the boards when he no longer had the puck and was skating full speed, was cowardly at best. Now, don't get mad at me, because I am calling out a Canadien fan favorite, I am not a blind homer. To all of you who say that it wasn't so bad, just look out how one of the Greatest Canadiens of all time, Howie Morenz ended his career and life. He was pushed into the boards by Babe Seibert, broke his leg, and then proceeded to drink himself to death in the hospital. Am I being dramatic? Absolutely, but when you figure that a collision into the boards like that could break your leg, putting you out of commission for at least 6 months, you understand that what Lapierre did was spineless. Hopefully once Mike Cammalleri returns from injury, it will be Lapierre and not Tom Pyatt who has been playing exceptionally since his call up, who we be sent down to Hamilton.
Peace True Believers,

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Olympic Hangover, and goodbye O Happy D'Agger

Well I think I speak for many of you, who did not realize the Canadiens restarted their season until about 6:30 last night. I'm sure even a larger group of you were confused when our fourth line combined for 3 goals. It was definitely not Olympic caliber, hell, it wasn't even a good game for NHL standards, but it was great to see the Habs open the homestretch with two points. Then, this morning I check out the unusually dormant Trade Deadline page on TSN, and see that the Canadiens have shipped yet another young underachiever. Yes Matt D'Agostini was dealt to the St. Louis Blues for prospect Aaron Plushaj, and it was not a major trade by any means. But I do like it, Plushaj was a College Star in Michigan, and was nominated for the Hobey Baker award for the best player in the country. He was a 2nd round pick who is having a very good year for the Peoria Rivermen of the AHL and will be a contributing factor on the Bulldogs until he is ready to make the step to the pros.
All for now, I will update you on any other trades that show up, if you want some entertainment throughout this over-hyped day, read Jay Onraits blog on TSN, there is a funny dude right there.
Peace for now,

Sunday, February 28, 2010

A Canadian Legend is born. Sidney Crosby fulfills his destiny.

4 Hours after one of the greatest Hockey games the world has ever seen, I am still in awe of young Canadian who captivated the country. No it's not Montreal's own Nikki Yanofsky, although "I Believe" is catchy. Sidney Crosby is only 23 years old and he has conquered the Hockey World. A Memorial Cup appearance with the Rimouski Oceanic, World Junior Hockey Gold in 2005, a Hart and Art Ross Trophy in 2007, and Captaining his team to a Stanley Cup in 2009. His goal today, in Overtime, cemented his status as a Canadian legend. To all of his critics who call him "too soft" who doesn't have the "flair of Ovechkin" or the "power of Parise", he is a winner, a determined leader and proud Canadian. I'll take Sidney any day of the week. This has been one of the proudest day for our nation, and as the Cauldron extinguishes and these 17 remarkable days of athleticism come to a close I can only say, thank you Vancouver for an amazing experience, and Hab Fans, welcome back to the jungle that is the Montreal Hockey scene, where we have no superstars, are not playing for a Gold Medal game any time soon, and our GM is not a hall of famer, quite the contrary actually.
Nice to be back,

Time to nut up or shut up. Gold Medal Preview.

A quote from the great Woody Harrelson should set the scene today. All the planning, the evaluation camps, the selections, the round robins, all come down to a game against the United States of America, a team that upset Canada and set the country into a panic induced delirium. Although the last meeting of these teams did not bode well for the Great White North, I remain a cock eyed optimist. Canada crushed Germany and then demolished Russia, the early tournament favorite. The close 3-2 game against Slovakia should not be any room for concern as the Slovaks and Jaro Halak played a defensively responsible game that led them to a victory over the Swedes. So we get to the game plan. What does Canada do to beat the United States this afternoon.
To win, Canada must play Canada's game. They must combine creative passing, hard and accurate shots, and energy through blistering physical play, with an better than solid effort from Roberto Luongo. They must come in here and try to channel teams of the past, they must battle like Paul Henderson and Phil Esposito in '72, skillfully overpower their opponents like Mario and the Great One in '87, and have the desire and pride of Sakic and Kariya in '02. This has been a magical Olympics for Canada, and even with the many disappointments, came heroes, John Montgomery, Charles Hamelin and the courageous Joanie Rochette led to record totals for our country, and with a win today at Canada place, we would set a new International standard for Gold Excellence.
To Scott Niedermayer and Team Canada, we are all with you today, from Newfoundland to Nanaimo, let our cheers inspire you to end this incredible fortnight of Athleticism on the highest note possible.
Peace, and enjoy the game Canada,

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Hockey D-Day. Canada Russia

Let's hope we get some Henderson-esque heroics tonight. It's not going to be easy, the Russians shoot often, skate fast, and have Ovechkin. Need I say more. It seems like a lot of people in this country are panicking, and turning on players who before this "apocalyptic" loss to the States, were considered national heroes. To the people of Canada: CHILL THE HELL OUT.
Maybe it was a little naive to believe that Canada would roll through the competition, and before people start writing Obituaries before we even take to the ice, let's consider this.
Russia lost to the Slovaks, who in turn, almost lost to the Norwegians yesterday.
Does this mean that Norway and Russia would tie?
No you ingrates, it just means we have no idea what will actually happens until the puck drop tonight.
We are going to need consistent goal tending from Roberto Luongo tonight, he needs to show that he can win the big game. We need to get a lot of shots early and get Evgeni Nabokov out of a groove, we need to convert on the Power Play, no more oh fors, and slow down their skill players with big hits.
Is it a lot to ask for?
I don't know, is it a lot to ask for the best players in our country to play well executed Hockey?
We have a shot tonight, go out and cheer for you country Canada.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Canada vs. Norway, how we are going to win... pfft...

I can not take the Norwegians seriously, I mean you are all nice people, but come one, anyone who wears those checkered pants, even if they are curling, should be laughed at a little bit.
Ok then.
Four years of brooding, sulking and muttering "wait till Vancouver" have come down to this. I don't think this will be a particularly close game, but I do feel that this will be a great chance for Canadians to work on their chemistry, the one thing that a lack of, could hurt Canada's medal chances. It will be interesting to see who wins the coveted 6th D spot, if Drew Doughty could impress and cement himself a line up spot. I personally am so impressed by Drew's amazing skill set, he has emerged as an elite Defenseman, in only his second year. The sky is the limit for this amazing youngster.
Fearless prediction?
Am I being too gracious?
You tell me.
Peace, enjoy the game Canada,

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Double Header and Olympic Preview

Watching last night's game almost completely cemented my view on how inconsistent the Canadiens are, but when they came back thanks to the heroics of Newest Hab Dominic Moore and the blazing end to end speed of call up PK Subban, who will only develop with age. Word is that PK will play again today as Jaro Spacek will sit game out after getting hit into the boards by Darroll Powe. I think today will be an emotional game as the match last night ended with some heated words. For anyone who watched the Opening Ceremonies, I gotta give kudos to Montreal Native Nikki Yanofsky, who killed it during the National Anthem, too bad Brian Williams fucked up that she was "from Vancouver". Also have to love the Slam Poet Shane Koyczan, whose poem "We Are More" was pretty patriotic. Canada plays it's first game on the 16th against Norway. And no one is not expecting a Gold Medal for our home squad. I think they can do it, if the Team comes together at the right time. Even though the line of Iginla-Crosby-Nash should be our #1 line, I do wish Eric Staal could take Iggy's spot, just so I could call it the "Crosby, Staal and Nash" line.
My predictions:
Gold - Canada: Can't bet against the host nation here.
Silver - Sweden: Will want to win gold with their nucleus one more time
Bronze - USA: Truculence pays off as the US shocks through youthful exuberance.
Enjoy the Olympics, enjoy the game tonight.
Peace True Believers,

Thursday, February 11, 2010

In awe of Ovie. Habs 6 Caps 5 OT

I know we won the game, I know it was an important two points that got us into sixth place, but I cannot believe how good Alexander Ovechkin is. Let's ignore that he ONLY had 2 assists, a light night for him, but he scored (ok, maybe it wasn't a goal) probably the coolest, most awesome, bad ass goal I have ever seen. Hitting a 6'7 pillar into his own net for a goal is crazy. More than crazy, it's a story that people will tell for years to come when talking about Great 8 "All out desire to win". It was a big win. Not going to take that away from the Canadiens, Scott Gomez and Tomas Plekanec have been coming up huge since the loss of our three big wingers. I am overjoyed that Josh Gorges is doing fine, after a shot to the head that looked all out horrific. Even though he has played every game for the Habs this year, and many people do not want him to break the streak, I just hope he is ready to go for one of the games against the Flyers, probably our biggest two games of the season. A concern we might need to adress is our absolute futility on the PP of late, maybe due to the long term injury to Queen MAB. Maybe it's due to the fact that our second unit is comprised of 4th liners and AHLers. There is really no way to address these issues other than waiting for wounds to heal. A problem we can address, is how this team seems to play to their opponents level. When we take on Washington, Pittsburgh and New Jersey, we seem to always skate with them, hit with them and compete with them. However, when we take on middle of the pack teams like Boston, Tampa and Atlanta we play a boring and impotent brand of hockey that results in 3-1, 4-2 and 2-0 losses most of the time. How do we remedy this? I don't have an answer, other than just saying, KEEP FRIGGIN SKATING.
Sorry, I'm no Pierre McGuire.
Peace True Believers,

Monday, February 8, 2010

A send off for Bob.

Well I was thinking about just leaving that beautiful piece of literature I contributed this afternoon as my final thought on the Gainey resignation. But I realized I would be just like those fake fans that I despise the most if I did not leave a final tribute to one of the classiest guys this organization has ever seen. Bob Gainey was never the best guy on the ice, but he was the smartest. I think this was the case for his Managerial work as well. Even though flashy GM's like Brian Burke had more success with all out styles of negotiating and blockbuster trades, I respected Bob's tentative style. Many people hounded him for his reluctance to give up a lot for a trade, but I promise you, 95% of the deals he passed on would have hurt us in the long run. If it was up to the majority of idiot Hab-nots, we would have Vinny Lecavalier, 15 goals and all, without Andrei Markov, Tomas Plekanec, maybe even PK Subban who has become one of the premier Defenseman in the AHL in his first year. Everything he did was thought out and thorough although the players he acquired almost never performed the way he expected they would. Lost opportunities in the names "Kovalev, Lang, Tanguay, Latendresse, Samsonov, Higgins, Ryder, McDonagh, David Fischer" might soon be joined by "Pacioretty, Lapierre, D'Agostini and Price", and ultimately this could be a core reason for our failures during the Bob era. Or maybe it's the guys who we let go, year after year, only to watch them have success elsewhere. "Well maybe we can let Souray go, at least we have Streit. Oh, you say they're both All Stars now? And they both do not play for the Canadiens?" Personally, I just never had that much of a problem with it. I felt each year Bob tried to put us in a position to compete, and in the early spring of 2008, it seemed everyone had forgotten why they hated Gainey so much. No one seemed to care about the "Niinimaa for Ribeiro" deal anymore, they all pretended to love Bob, only to turn their backs on him once again, after a team he did not play for, a team whose fortunes he could not change on the ice himself, started to slide. Maybe that's pro sports for you, a thankless and cruel world where the most repeated mantra is not "Play as a team!" or "For the love of the game!". It's more like "What have you done for me lately?". Maybe that's just Montreal, where the best/worst fans in the world scrutinize every deal, every signing every fart you let out, just because they happened to be privileged enough to grow up in an age of dynasties that no longer exists and need some happiness that they obviously cannot generate for themselves.
I guess what I'm trying to get at is, as happy as you morons are who parade Montreal today, finally "ridding our glorious team of that boring and passive shlub", I warn you. I'm watching you cowards. And when things get bad in the new and improved Pierre Gauthier era, and I promise you, it will sooner than later, I dare you to go on the Team 990 where Tony and friends pleasure themselves to the doom and gloom of our 8th place team, and say out loud "Gauthier is garbage, I wish Gainey was back".
You take this team as it is, or don't take it at all.
Don't be a fucking hypocrite.
Peace True Believers,
And thanks for everything Bob, hope you find some happiness.

Gainey gone.

Bob Gainey will step down today as General Manager of the Canadiens. Pierre Gauthier will take over on interim duties.
To all of you who thought we were fucked with Bob.
You have no idea what's in store, you simple little people.
Pierre Gauthier, in the immortal words of Superbad's Jonah Hill "Is the anti-poon". If poon means hockey intelligence and signing savvy.
Pray for your souls.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Attack of the Dawgs! Plus today's game preview.

If you told me that the top line in Montreal's WIN against the defending Cup Champions would be three Hamilton Bulldogs who were only called up yesterday, I would have assumed that you were starting to party for the Super Bowl a couple days early. Yes the trio of Ryan White, Brock Trotter and David Desharnais certainly stepped it up in the absence of Andrei Kostitsyn, Mike Cammalleri and Benoit Pouliot and will have to keep the energy going if we want to top the Bruins today at 3, who will be absolutely desperate for a win. Pleks, Gio and Scotty Gomez Adams all had huge games yesterday and will need to produce points consistently until the Olympic break There will be some sort of cruel sweetness if this win against the Bruins will push Pete Chiarelli to give Claude Julien the can, even though I do not think the B's struggles are his fault. I personally hope Claude can keep his job, as he is a very good coach and a good guy. I do hope that the Canadiens keep winning this key games while teams behind us like New York, Tampa and the Bruins continue to slide. There is an article out that theorizes that the Canadiens only need to go 12-10-1 in our remaining games to clinch a playoff spot. I think thats do-able. So enjoy the game, enjoy the football and enjoy those damn funny commericals. Let's hope we see some more Danica Patrick in compromising positions.
Peace true believers,

Saturday, February 6, 2010

A tribute to a true hero. Brendan Burke (1988-2010)

TSN has just broken a story that Brendan Burke,the youngest son of Leafs GM Brian Burke has died as a result of a car accident in Indiana. This news has hit me very hard. Brendan was only 21, and this November, he mustered up the immense courage to come out as a young gay man, saying that he quit hockey because of the difficulty of keeping his homosexuality a secret and that he had hoped to be the first openly gay NHL executive in history. I never really was fond of Brian Burke's brash style of business, even though I knew he got the job done better than almost any one else in the league. I truly believed that Brian would not speak publicly about his son's life and maybe fuel the fire that suggests his mantras of "toughness, tenacity and truculence" made him homophobic. When Brian came out and said that no matter who Brendan was, he would always love him and support him, he immediately jumped in my books from an annoying "act" of a manager to a truly genuine "class act" who tells it like it is. Brendan stood out as one of the bravest young people in this world today who through his dreams and ambitions not only changed life for the gay community in sports but possibly all minorities. I am not a hopeful Hockey player, nor am I a Homosexual and I am definitely not a Leafs fan, but I am a Jew, and there was something uplifting about a person belonging to a minority demographic standing up and saying "What I am is not important". "Who I am and what I am able to do is important". Brendan's loss is a tragic one for the Gay community, the hockey world and young people everywhere. My thoughts and prayers are with the Burke family, and let us try to open our minds for the future, so that Brendan Burke's story can live on as a testament to the human spirit and a rallying cry for us to treat ever single person on this earth equally.
Sleep well and have a safe weekend,

Friday, February 5, 2010

Halak saves our sorry asses. Again... Habs 3 Bruins 2

Thank you to the Texas Titan for the title of today's blog.
Watching the game down 2-0, there was not much to be positive about. The team came out flat, we were not getting shots and it looked like all the momentum we got from our hard fought 3-2 Vancouver win was gone. Then came the two quick goals. I guess the one positive thing about our bevy of goals from bizarre sources is that it is scoring by committee, something we need in light of Mike Cammalleri and Andrei Kostitsyn's prolonged injuries. The one thing that has kept me optimistic of late is that Jaroslav Halak is putting in a MVP like performance each game we go into. I have been, and always will be a Carey Price fan, I think his potential could dwarf all of the criticism he has been thrown, but until he finds his center I will support Jaro Halak and his calmness and coolness throughout. To me, Jaro Halak is what every goalie should be, someone who comes to the NHL with th sole objective to play Hockey. No distractions, only Hockey. He did his time in the AHL, had to wait behind player after player, and has been winning big games for three years. If I had told you after Jaro went 4-0 for us in 2007 during the playoff push that he would not be our starter by now, you would think two thing. 1) You are freaking crazy. 2) Cristobal Huet must've won a couple Vezinas. Well you'd be very wrong on both counts. Even though I hope that Carey Price becomes the future #1 in Montreal, I am sure that Jaorslav Halak will be one the NHL's finest tenders, if not for the Habs then definitely somewhere else.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Why does this always happen? Canadiens 3 Canucks 2

Watching the game last night, I should have been elated at the Habs big win that catapulted them to 7th in the East. I should have. There was something strangely unsettling about the Canadiens, minus our two top goal scorers, beating a team that we should not have beaten through an incredible effort by Jaroslav Halak. Why, you ask? Well for a couple reasons. BIG FRIGGIN REASON #1: If we can beat the Vancouver Canucks, one of the hottest teams in the league, why can we not get points out of easy games in Florida and Tampa after beating them the week before. Why can we not keep a level of consistency against these teams. If we were able to sneak out a win tonight, when our roster was depleted, why were we man handled the first time we met, when Andrei Markov was our lone casualty? Why did we collapse against the Rangers last month, only to beat them silly 6-0 a week later? BIG FRIGGIN REASON #2: After Toronna and Calgary pulled the trigger on HUGE deals that shipped off their underachieving "Players of the future" like Dion Phaneuf and Matt Stajan, at what point does the usually gun-shy Bob Gainey decide to do the same with Carey Price? I am the first one to say that we should keep our two #1 caliber guys, but after a win like last night, the so called "Hockey Intelligentsia" of Montreal won't be seeing it the same way I do. I know that every young goalie in this league struggled in his initial years, and that if teams like Pittsburgh were as impulsive as the "experts" in the Antichambre, they would be minus Marc-Andre Fleury, and minus a Stanley Cup banner.
We should be thrilled that we got two points, but maybe we should be disappointed that we missed so many great opportunities beforehand.
Peace True Believers,

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

This might be bad. Nucks Habs preview

Let's not sugar coat it. The Canadiens aren't in the best situation right now. Mediocrity has set in, we are fighting for a playoff spot, we cannot score even strength goals, and the one guy who can is on the shelf for six to eight weeks. All you need now is a Tiger Woods like sex scandal and you've got the perfect storm. The Habs try to get some points as they take on the red hot Vancouver Canucks tonight at 7:30 at the Bell Centre, if the Canadiens want to not be sellers at the deadline in March, they will have to finish the Pre-Olympic stretch strong, starting tonight. Benoit "The Giant Chicken" Pouliot and Brian Gionta will move up to Tommy Plekanec's wing tonight and maybe this will work out in Cammy's absence. Plekanec has picked up his once torrid pace, with five points in his last four and Pouliot has been the Canadiens' most consistent scorer since his arrival. Matt D'Agostini has been called up, but he might not even play because of the flu. Jaro Spacek is also questionable because of the virus. So enjoy the game, and let's try to survive these six to eight weeks of hell.
Peace True Believers,