Sunday, January 31, 2010

More inconsistency, and why we are screwed.

You don't have to be a rocket scientist, heck you don't even need to have an IQ higher that 40 to know that the Canadiens cannot string a decent stretch of wins together. One day we're beating New Jersey and New York in emotional hard fought affairs, then we fall asleep for 120 minutes and get shmiced by the Florida Twins, I think they scored more goals over those two days than the number of people at the actual game. Then comes the game against Ottawa, the league's hottest team where we fight back to get to overtime, only to get scored on by Mike Fisher, then probably lose Mike Cammalleri, our leading goal scorer for the remainder of the season, pending an MRI tomorrow. Then, if that wasn't enough, we now have to deal with Dion Phaneuf in our division for at the very minimum, another three years. And we no longer have the luxury of playing the suddenly terrible Vesa Toskala, as now we will have to try and solve Montreal native, Jean Sebastien Giguere. Well, I don't usually say this, as I try to keep an optimistic profile, but we might be screwed.
Peace True Believers,

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Greetings from Sunny San Diego!

I'm in the home of Ron Burgundy, giant panda bears and whale's vaginas. And I'm able to watch highlights of the Habs games. Gotta love Howard Johnson's free high speed! What a difference a weekend makes. One day the city is calling for blood and after two big wins all is forgotten. I think people should calm down a little. This is just inconsistency at it's finest. But I am happy with the inspired play of call up Mathieu Darche, and Benoit Pouliot absolutely dominating once again. If this guy keeps it up, I am making the call that he will be a integral part of our team for years to come.
More to come. Will be fun to watch the Canadiens Panthers online.
Peace true believers, you stay classy... Hab Nation.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Get Well Jean Beliveau.

Reports say that Jean Beliveau has suffered a stroke and is now at the Montreal General Hospital. My thoughts and prayers are with you Jean, you are a true ambassador of the game and of the Canadiens. So let's hope and pray for Jean today, the classiest gentlemen to ever grace the sport of Hockey.

Should we be relieved? Or disappointed?

NEWS FLASH: TSN reports that the Canadiens will buy out the rest of Georges Laraque's contract, effectively ended his less then productive stint in Montreal, . Many thought he could be used to give the Habs some toughness, but he has been a disappointment in the sense that he has not dropped the gloves enough this season, in an effort to make a name for himself as a legitimate NHL player. 1 Goal unfortunately was not enough to cut it. Good Luck Georges, I do feel for you that this came at a terrible time for you and your fellow Haitians but I'm sure if you decide to go back to your fisticuffs ways, you will get signed by another team.

So oooon to the game. Bad First Period. Good for Carey Price to try and start a fight with Cam Janssen. Boring Second Period. Good for the Canadiens for killing off that 5 on 3. Well Played Third Period. Benoit the Giant Chicken is becoming a fan favorite. Overtime meh. Markov should have buried that pass he got from Gionta.

That's the game in a nutshell. We should be disappointed, not because we are 11th in the Conference, you could've probably expected that the Canadiens would fight for a playoff spot, but because of missed opportunities and periods when the Team just does not show up. If the Canadiens could've just played as well as they did in the Third Period, this would've been an easy two points, had the Canadiens kept us consistency in the Rangers Game, that would have been another two points, and if the Habs would have not let up against the Senators that could have been another two points. In that scenario, we would be looking at 5th place in the East. Instead of 11th. So even if you say that when the Canadiens play well they are overachieving, they should at least overachieve for 60 minutes.
There is a tough week ahead for Les Boys as they take on the Devils and Rangers and even though I will be out of town visiting Beautiful San Diego from the 24th to the 1st, I will be trying to check in every so often with a recap of the games. I have to keep it up for the loyal fans.
Peace True Believers,

Monday, January 18, 2010

Rock Bottom? Rangers 6 Canadiens 2

I think we know.
Blowing a 2-0 lead? Allowing a shorthanded goal while on a 5 on 3? Tomas Plekanec, our star this year, throwing an elbow at a Rangers player? All pretty bad signs.
I don't really know what else to say. There's nothing much I can add that can sound productive. Other than the fact that Mike Cammalleri and Tomas Plekanec scored goals, everything was sour. Even after the Jackals called for Carey Price to step down in favor of the OBVIOUSLY SUPERIOR Jaro Halak who let up 6 goals. Here's the thing guys, everytime one of our goalie loses, they are not "garbage". Both of these Goaltenders are talented and even though they do have their off days, they will help us in the long run IF we do not jump the gun and call for one of them to be traded.
Seriously, the next person who asks for a Halak and a first for Kovalchuk is going to get curb stomped. I dare you.
Today is a new day. Let's start from square one, get a couple big wins, and friggin hope that Andrei Kostitsyn magically heals like Markov did.
Peace true believers,

Sunday, January 17, 2010

As Inconsistent as Runny Pea Soup.

Last night's lost was one of the more frustrating ones this season. No not as frustrating as the time Carey Price made 50 plus saves and the Canadiens still got shut out. Not as frustrating as whenever we play the Devils, because we never beat the Devils. This was frustrating because every time this team gets an inspired win that SHOULD bring about a run, they seem to jut drop another boring game where they are outplayed. I've always had a theory that when an integral part of your team is missing, it affects the whole team. I believe that Mike Cammalleri and Tomas Plekanec can only start producing again once they have the talented and suddenly hot Andrei Kostitsyn back on their wing. It think I've proved my point with Scott Gomez, now that he is having great production with Brian Gionta, someone who he has had great chemistry with over the years, and Benoit Pouliot a big body who compliments them very well. I believe that if the Canadiens can keep a playoff spot until Andrei's return, they could do some serious damage.
Stay positive,
At least we're not the Oilers,
Peace true believers,

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Decisive Victory!!! Friggin' Finally.

Big Georges scores a big goal for all his fellow Haitians.
HUGE WIN tonight as the Canadiens pick up some very important points. Brian Gionta had two goals and the Great Jewtalian scored a goal that was so sick it should be quarantined in the H1N1 ward. The only frustration I have right now am watching the Jersey Shore and Sammi Sweetheart is a bitch. Thinkin' that Ronnie is playin' around on you.... bitch needs to get her head on straight.
That's enough Guido for a bit.
Large win, we need to keep this momentum up.
Let's finish strong in this sprint before the Olympic Break,
Peace True Believers,

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Gameday vs. Fatty Brodeur

Marty catches a photo with a fan during the off season.
For some reason Martin Brodeur is unstoppable against his home town team, and he has four shutouts at the Bell Centre. For the Canadiens to win tonight, they are going to need to stay disciplined, not let up the bad goal they usual allow and get scoring from both top lines. Ryan White has been called up from the 'Dogs and looks to make an impact on the fourth line, taking the place of the injured Georgie Boy Laraque, and to put the Andrei Kostitsyn injury in perspective Hab fans, at least we are not fans of the Ottawa Senators, whose entire first line is on the shelf as Milan Michalek was hurt this week. And we do not have that stupid centurion guy as our mascot. Next time they need someone to invoke some excitement before a playoff game, make sure he doesn't have man tits.
Enjoy the game.
Peace True Believers,

Friday, January 8, 2010

A little bit of sunshine, but then a WHOLE LOTTA RAIN.

TSN is reporting that Andrei Kostitsyn has undergone knee surgery and will miss six weeks of action.
Damn it.
Just when we thought we were healthy, just when we thought we had a complete team. This team is able to get another injury. I think there's something in the water in Montreal, or maybe the Grey Goose. The news came after the Canadiens won an important but mind numbingly boring hockey game 2-0 last night against the Florida Panthers, with Goals from Brian Gionta and Benoit Pouliot. I am very pleased with the way Pouliot has been playing so far. He is a big guy who has been using his body, controlled the puck well, and has been the big man in front of the night that Gomez and Gionta needed. Let's only hope he can keep it up for the rest of the season and this isn't just him playing on adrenaline.
The Canadiens really have to play flawless hockey while their top right winger is out, because truth is, with two capable Goalies and Andrei Markov back in the line-up, they have no excuse not to.
Peace true believers,

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Disappointed squared.

Well after watching the Canadiens lose a snore fest in DC last night, I tuned into the World Juniors to see the Canadians deadlocked at 3 with the United States. After the US made it 5-3, Canada fought back with two goals in the dying minutes by Jordan "The Messiah" Eberle. Going into overtime I had high hopes and Canada came out flying.
The rush. I had a bad feeling about that one.
Damn it Naz, could't you have skated a little bit faster.
Well, that's life I guess, a series of euphoric youthful moments followed by sobering disappointment.
Deep shit.
The Canadiens however, are more like a 17 year old hangover at one hell of a night.
You try all the remedies, Gatorade, Advil, Farting... It all helps for a moment.
But then it comes back. And it's friggin' terrible.
Hopefully the Canadiens can bounce back tonight against the incredibly boring Florida Panthers, and Team Canada can bounce back at the Olympics this year, and in Buffalo in 2011 for the WJHC. I am in talks to attend that tournament and I will rock the blogging.
So ta-ta for now, enjoy the game AND the National Championship. My pick, Alabama, because their mascot is an Elephant.
Peace True Believers,

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Nothing really bad to say. Habs 0 Sabres 1.

Well I'm annoyed.
Not angry or disappointed. Just annoyed that Ryan Miller decided to save everything.
I'm not mad at our Power Play, because they generated opportunities. I'm not mad at Carey Price because other than a wonky rebound, he played a perfect game.
I guess I'm mad at Ryan Miller because he happened to be good, but as a Hockey fan I have to give him props for a good game.
So who the hell should I be mad at?
I don't know. Maybe Fugliester, that Swiss douche that knocked Travis Hamonic out of the WJHC.
I cheered for the Swiss last night, but now I'm just hoping that whoever loses the Sweden USA game absolutely shmices those pacifist alps bastards.
But Habs, if Nido Niderrieter is still on the board at this years draft, we should definitely take a chance on this guy. From what I've seen this tournament, he is a monster.
Talk to you guys later, we'll get 'em next time.
Peace True Believers,