Friday, October 30, 2009

Sidney Crosby is very good player. So are the Blackhawks.

I will be attending Jay - Z at the Bell Centre tonight so I will not be able to catch the game at the United Center. Carey Price will finally get a start in net, and I am afraid it might too a few games too late.
I love the acquisition made by the Canadiens this year, but the one I don't agree with is Coach Martin's choice to play the Goaltenders through streaks, as the one on the bench could become cold after not seeing action for an extended period of time.
Only time will tell if it works out.
Enjoy the game,
Peace True Believers,

Monday, October 26, 2009

Game Eleven Islanders 2 Canadiens3 OT: FAB FOUR WINNING STREAK

Uglier than Kathleen Turner as Sue Collini on Californication, uglier than Bruce Villanch in a bikini, uglier than... well you catch my drift.
Two points is two points, I will never deny that. For the first time, the Canadiens did not have to rely on the Smurfs for offense, as Jaroslav Spacek scored his first as a Canadien, Travis Moen kept up his amazing gritty yet offensively dynamic play and Roman Hamrlik tried his best to compensate for the early season loss of Andrei Markov by scoring his third of the season after Tomas Plekanec made an INSANE move to get into the Isles zone, much like the Great Jewtalian's heroic rush on Saturday night.
There were still a lot of negatives however.
The Canadiens took more than one "Too Many Men" penalties, which is just unacceptable. The Game would not have gone to overtime had the Isles not had 7 power plays to work with.
Andrei Kostitsyn is starting to really try my patience as a fan. One of my faithful readers Boomer came up with perfect nickname for the Tit brothers. Boomer decided to call them "Tinman and Scarecrow" as much like the legendary Wizard of Oz characters, one of them needs a heart while the other needs a friggin' brain. I'm sure you could guess which one is which.
I should not complain that much though, as we have won 4 straight and finally regained our winning record. I do ask one thing, Montreal Canadiens. When we take on the Penguins Thursday night, I think it would be smart to let Carey Price play. He always works hard against Sid the Kid and company and a win against the Beasts of the East could give him some huge confidence.
Peace true believers,

Game Preview #11 Islanders vs. Canadiens

Groundhog day for Montreal, that of course is a reference to the Bill Murray film where he relives the same day over and over again. Seems a little odd that the Habs entertain the Islanders at the Bell Centre for the second time in a week? But this is the same league that moved a Saturday game in Vancouver to 4 P.M. local time against the worst team in the league, so go figure.

These are not the Canadiens of two weeks ago, they seem determined and the first line has turned into one of the most exciting Canadiens trios in recent memory. Who remembers the Special K Line in the 2004 playoffs? (Zednik-Koivu-Kovalev). Why did they call it the Special K line? Maybe it was because it had two players whose names started with K and then a retarded Slovakian who never kept two hands on his stick...
But hey, Zednik is putting up respectable numbers, 6 points in 10 games this year. With Yarsolavl Lokomotiv...

Some game notes:
  • Fresh off their hard working game against the Rangers, Matt D'Agostini and Guillaume Latendresse will play on the second line with Tomas Plekanec.
  • This of course means that Andrei Kostisyn will be demoted. To the fourth line. Personally I have not seen any indication of talent from him this year and believe it is time to ship him and his no-show of a brother out of town. But I mean hey, I guess he makes some nice dekes, and he doesn't get injured, because he runs away when people try to hit him... So I guess he's alright.
  • Jaro Halak will get his fourth straight start tonight, I have no problems with that, my only concern is that Carey Price does not get rusty sitting on the bench, as one slow start will only fuel the flames to the already out of hand "Goalie Controversy" the Blood Thirsty Jackals have fabricated.
That's it for now, there are some other games of note tonight, as the Leafs look for their first win of the season yet again, this time visiting the Ducks in South Cali. The Hawks and Wild hook up tonight as Marty Havlat plays his former team for the first time, and the surprisingly hot Phoenix Coyotes take on the Rangers who are fresh from their lesson on goalscoring from the Great Jewtalian, Mike Cammalleri.

Enjoy your Monday evening,

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Game Ten Rangers 4 Canadiens 5 OT: JEWTALIAN POWER!!!

Well Lechaim and Salud to all of you, the Canadiens just won not only the game last night, but possibly the hearts of some of the skeptical Habs fans who thought that this first line was too small to generate offense.
This was one of those games that can turn a season around and be a turning point for a team. For all of you who thought that Mike Cammalleri was not living up to his signing...
Try those words with Steak Sauce, it'll make them taste better.
Was Jaro Halak good? He played well.
Did he steal a game and should be cemented as the Habs starter? Sorry all you poop-disturbers. I think Price is still the longterm #1. Now he just has to win a game...
With the Smurf line, we get consistent scoring for the first time since, um... the Lafleur era?
Seriously though, how many times last year were you frustrated when Kovalev was red hot then ice cold, Koivu hadn't scored a goal in 20 games and Tanguay was on the shelf... Our first line is made up of three guys who always play at least 75 games, and look to be producing at a reliable rate that seem to make the difference every night.
How about that, a Canadiens team with some stability.
We are in uncharted waters, it's pretty friggin' sweet.
Peace true believers,

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Game Preview #10 Rangers vs. Canadiens

Some little game notes before puck drop.
Game is only on CBC Montreal and RDS. Those baby eating individuals in Toronto decided to actually make Canuck fans go see a game a 4 PM Pacific Time, just so it will be on at 7 in Ontario so the entire country could watch the winless Maple Leafs yet again.
Well... at least we still have Bob Cole, who USED to do National games before he started losing control of his bowels...
Anyway. The Canadiens look for their third straight win, to get back to .500 and try to get back in the Eastern Conference fold. Look for Jaro Halak to start tonight, but in no way does this mean that he is our new #1, but he is damn hot, and Bob Gainey would be have to be smoking some pretty hard core hydro not to start him tonight.
Enjoy the game, and don't boo Chirs Higgins tonight, it is not his fault he only has two points and no goals so far this year, well, maybe it is...
Peace True Believers,

Thursday, October 22, 2009

ALMOST PERFECT! Isles 1 Canadiens 5

Yeah... this picture will probably send me to hell...
But I'm in too good of a mood to be bothered by Satan's fiery Kingdom right about now.
Yes I know that was against a team who only won their first game last night, and it is early in the season and we still have a sub-.500 record... But you have to to like the effort the Canadiens put in tonight.
Outshooting the opponent? Check.
Scoring more than 2 goals? Checkilicous.
Powerplay scoring? Wow, really? Check!
Goaltending? Well minus a personal gaffe from Jaro behind the net, it's a big fat CHECK.

Marc Andre Bergeron scored a goal, this is the same guy who dropped his stick last night... it did not break, it did not get caught on anything... he just... dropped it. Like those cute little termite players. Yes, I am comparing Marc Andre Bergeron to a termite player, a termite player who carries around a Rocket Launcher. Damn was that shot hard.

Does this mean we are a new team and should annihilate the Rangers on Saturday?

It does mean we have some brand new confidence. And maybe Carey Price will be inspired by his fellow net minder to put in a stellar performance.

Great win, gotta love those midgets.
Peace true believers,

Useless Sergei Tits update.

Well it looks like Stits has bolted from the Candiens YET again, this time it seems like it is the final hissy fit that his Soviet ass will throw.
My NHL insider Bonghit sent me an intresting but hilariously grammatically incorrect translation of a French Article that states that Sergei Kostitsyn got in an altercation with the New Canadien after Gomez invited the young Belarussian to drinks with his friends.
I can't really say that I give a rat's ass...
I had really wished Gomez and his posse would have curb stomped that child like looking pansy.
But that's just my opinion...
Or... maybe we could lock him in a room with Mikhail Grabovski with nothing more than their panty liners, and have them bitch slap each other to death

Peace True Believers,

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

The unofficial Captain saves the day. Thrashers 1 Canadiens 2 SO.

The littlest Hab-o Brian Gionta displayed an all out display of skill and tenacity last night, if only we could say the same for everyone who wasn't on the first line last night...
A win is a win, and it did not come at the cost of losing one of our defenseman.
Here are my positives and negatives of the game.
POSITIVE: A win... a glorious two points. The first one in over 266 days. That's actually ludicrous.

NEGATIVE: Ugly once again. Marc Andre Bergeron should not have finished the game in my opinion, you take a defender whose defensive skills are already weak, then multiply it by a Colby Armstrong smack to the head and you get... the Thrashers tying goal. For pete's sake, keep MAB away from Hall Gill at all times, lord knows what kind of shenanigans will go down in the Canadiens zone.

POSITIVE: Jaroslav Halak played very well, especially in the shootout. He was calm cool and collected as he stared down Ilya Kovlachuk, arguably the second most dangerous player in the league, he made some key saves even when the team in front of him played suspect at times.

NEGATIVE: Jaroslav Halak played very well, especially in the shootout. Let's hear how many pulp articles show up in the next few days calling for Halak as the new starting goalie, only to change their mind the next time he loses a game. I feel for Jaro, he could be a starter on maybe 10-15 teams in this league, including the Canadiens! But Carey Price has shown flashes of absolute brilliance that trump the consistency and "verygoodness" of Halak, at least for now... Price was the reason for our first two wins, absolutely stealing those games right out of the hands of Buffalo and Toronto, if he puts in a good performance in a winning effort tomorrow night versus the Isles, then this debate will be put to rest yet again. If he falters however, we might have the ever popular "Goaltender Controversy" that seems to pop up in EVERY city around the league EVERY time a backup wins a game...

NEXT UP: Tavares and the Islanders invade the Bell Centre, as of 9:41 PM tonight they have not won a game yet, so of course they will beat the Canadiens right! :D
Seriously though, we could actually ride this momentum to achieve something productive. Well, I think we can...
Peace true believers,

Monday, October 19, 2009

Queen Mab makes his debut tomorrow night. Thrashers vs. Habs preview

A fan shows his love in this new wallpaper dedicated to the Newest Canadien and probable LSD hallucination, Marc-Andre Bergeron.
Some Shakespeare based humor could do us good today, after the Artiste put us to shame on Saturday night.
Yes, Alex Kovalev scoring the insurance marker in the third period was one of the more humiliating moments I have experienced as a Canadien fan. Well, that and the entirety of Pierre Dagenais' career...
We are going to have to bounce back, the Canadiens were controlling the play in the first on Saturday night, and let's face it, the Atlanta Thrashers are not going to challenge for the President's trophy anytime soon, ESPECIALLY if the rumors are true and Ilya Kovalchuk bolts from the NHL after his contract expires next summer and signs in the KHL.
What do we need for the Canadiens to break this ugly slump?
Go back to basics boys.
Peace True Believers

Thursday, October 15, 2009

My problem with some Montrealers.

I can see the comments now.
"The Canadiens suck, we are not going to win a game!"
"Carey Price is terrible, Jeff Hackett wouldn't have let up 3 goals!"
Tonights home opening 3-2 loss was one that could've been avoided, but this early in the season we can still look at the positives.
People are yelling for change and we're only 6 games in, I actually heard someone say today that they were hoping the Canadiens lost so the Molsons could fire Bob Gainey quicker.
Where do you get your Meth Amphetamine sir, because it seems to be working quite well...
This town is turning on a team WITHOUT it's best player. This town is turning on a Goaltender who has stood on his head save for one game against Vancouver. Please tell me how any of these goals tonight were his fault.
I dare you.
Say to my face that he should have covered up his pads on the first goal to not let the puck trickle in, tell me to my face that the puck bouncing off two Hab players had no effect on Price's ability to stop that puck.
"Oh, well he should have quick enough reflexes to snag that puck that hit off Shawn Belle, I mean, he was picked #5 overall.."
"Well he's made a save when the guy has had an open net before, why couldn't he just have done that to Ryan O'Reilly, when Scott Gomez was too preoccupied proving to the Ref that he was elbowed rather than cover the man who sneaked in front of the net. ALONE."
Take away the Vancouver 7-1 loss, and we have had one goal games in EVERY game of the season. Almost every question surrounding this team has been answered, many of them positive.
1. Have secondary scoring? Tomas Plekanec leads our team in scoring, and today Andrei Kostitsyn finally peeked his head out and decided he was going to be the talented Russian we knew 2 years ago.

2. Puck Possession? The shots were 31 to 23 and the Avalanche were only able to score through deflections by our own players and one gaffe by Scott Gomez.

3. Goaltending? Any one who says Carey Price is struggling will get a boot to the face. Seriously, forget about his faux pas in BC, and he has a Save percentage of .904, and a Goals Against of 2.5. I know, I know, WHY SHOULDN'T WE COUNT THE GAME AGAINST VANCOUVER, THAT WAS IMPORTANT AND SINCE PRICE DIDN'T WIN HE SUCKS.

E: Roberto Luongo has the same GAA as Price, and the same amount of losses. So um, he sucks?


I am not doubting that Bobby Lu will bounce back from his beginning of the year troubles, I hope to god he does, I have him in my pool... I just think that it's a little early to be calling for the pitchforks and torches and you are not a correct hockey fan if you think Carey Price is not playing well.

This team has answered many troublesome questions, and all the parts of a great squad are here, we just haven't gotten the wins yet.

Do I think we will bounce back soon and finish first. Hell no. Do I think we will stabilize in time to clinch a low playoff seed? Well that sounds a lot more realistic. This is going to be an uphill climb all the way, and I have heard so much garbage from fans around the league about Why their team "sucks because they started out 1-3" or why their team is "going to the finals because they scored 5 goals in a game". We have to give this some time, this is an incredibly new team and a transition is not going to happen overnight. People say "Oh well the preseason should have solved that!" The preseason usually showcased HALF NHL caliber players and HALF AHL players without our top six fowards playing all at the same time. How is Mike Cammalleri going to mesh with Andrei Kostitsyn right away if he played his Exhibition games on the wing with Ben Maxwell?
It is so easy to be negative right now.
We get it, you are going to sound edgy and opinionated.
You want to be part of a mob mentality because as a child you were never included in group activities because you usually ate Play-Doh.
I understand your pain...
But know this. I am watching you closely, and when OR if the Canadiens make a strong push for the playoffs and if it does happen that we pull a great upset and go into a far round, I will hold a party, with yummy finger foods and refreshing beverages, and who knows, maybe a stripper in a cake...
When you come to the door of this party, because hey, you change your mind quicker than Anne Heche and suddenly love the Canadiens, I promise you will not be welcomed in. Instead, a big sign will hang from my door, and a message will read above a large picture of me giving you the finger.
It will read:


Saturday, October 10, 2009

2009 - 2010 Game Preview. GAME 5. Canadiens vs. Oilers

Greetings from Hogtown! And happy Thanksgiving Canada. Like Robin Sherbotsky of How I Met Your Mother says, this is the REAL Thanksgiving!
To the game...
The Canadiens (2-2-0) look to end off their season starting road trip with a win as they play the Edmonton Oilers (1-1-1) tonight. To all attending the game, wear a sweater for pete's sake, as it has already been snowing in Northern Alberta. Depressing. I know...

Game Notes:
Glen Metrosexual will be sitting out tonight's tilt with bruised ribs he looks to be able to play in the Canadiens Home Opener versus Colorado next Thursday. Carey Price will be starting tonight despite the call for him to be stoned by the Montreal Media. Sheldon Souray will not be playing tonight, which is a sigh of relief for the Canadiens Penalty Kill which ranks 29th in the league and has been just horrendous.

Keys to Victory: First of all, all Canadiens fans have to realize that to make the Playoffs this year, we're going to have to play an ugly but close game every night, anyone who expects us to blow out opponents is a moron, but anyone who gives this team crap for winning 3-2 in Overtime while getting outshout should take a reality check. This is how we are going to pull off wins, it ain't pretty but it's what's going to have to be done. Let's hope for the best today.

Peace True Believers,

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Game Four: Canadiens 1 well let's not dwell on this...

You all saw it... not the best game...
Have some faith, I already heard some of you, AAAND the Jackals jump on the "OMG WE SUCK LIKE WOW WE SUCK LIKE IT'S INSANE HOW MUCH WE SUCK" bandwagon. Take a breather guys. It was one game. Today is a new day. We're going to be alright.
Peace true believers,

Tuesday, October 6, 2009


.As you can see from this very descriptive and abstract photograph, there were many positives and negatives from yesterday's loss.

POSITIVE #1: The Canadiens finally showed some of the "Puck Possession" game that Jacques Martin was trying to preach at the start of the season. They were moving the puck up well and seemed to be skating with the Flames.

NEGATIVE #1: The penalty kill, was um... well let's just call it stanky... Special teams will have to be worked on.

POSITIVE #2: The First line is generating incredible chances every time they touch the puck and Scott Gomez's first period goal was a thing of beauty.

NEGATIVE #2: Aside from Tomas Plekanec, the secondary scoring players like Kostitsyn and Pacioretty have been... um... super stanky as well. We did not have a power play last night so it was not seen if Yannick Weber's presence is effective or if we need to call up MAB. (Marc-Andre Bergeron).

The Canadiens play the Canucks tonight at 10 ET, Carey Price returning to his home province. Look for an inspired effort, the Canucks are 0-3 and as much as I would like Roberto Luongo to win and get me some points in my Fantasy League, my heart is hoping that he lets up a few more softies en route to a Canadiens victory.
Peace True Believers,


The Canadiens have signed PP specialist Marc-Andre Bergeron to a deal worth $750,000. Bergeron has a rocket of a shot but will start out his Canadiens career in Hamilton. He will try to bloster the blueline after the losses of O'Byrne and Markov.

Jaro Halak will be starting in goal tonight, making my points of "Price playing well" totally invalid. Carey will now have the chance to play in Vancouver, his home region, for the first time as a pro.

That's all for now.

2009 - 2010 Game Preview. GAME 3. Canadiens vs. Flames

This pretty Swiss girl is hoping that her compatriot Yannick Weber can help out a battered and bruised Canadian team as they get ready to take on the Calgary Flames at 9 pm ET. In this all Canadian showcase, both teams are 2-0-0 but on two very different levels. The Flames are a big team with probably the best Top 3 on the blue line in the league. Their Head Coach Brent Sutter has been known to preach a physical game as we have seen from the 2005 and 2006 World Junior Championship teams that pummeled their opponents to a pulp. The Canadiens have gotten by on scrappy play by their small but extremely talented forwards and courageous play by their depleted defense.

Game Story Lines
The Canadiens will switch up their D pairings again tonight, as Josh Gorges will play with Hal Gill, Yannick Weber will have his season debut alongside Paul Mara, and the Czech Connection of Hamrlik and Spacek remain intact. Kyle Chipchura will center the fourth line as Glen Metropolit heals his bruised ribs. Travis Moen will stay on the third line after and incredible and inspired game in Buffalo on Saturday. New Flame Jay Bouwmeester has played huge minutes in his first two games, averaging about 20:00 per. Miikka Kiprusoff has defied his usual slow start the season, as he as been sparkling, almost as sparkling as Carey Price. The Flames big and tough two way players like Rene Bourque and Curtis Glencross will be trying to crash the net and attack the smaller Canadiens.

Canadiens keys to victory
To beat the Flames tonight, it is not going to be with pure skill alone, the Habs must keep playing courageous and fearless Hockey, not being afraid of getting roughed when they drive to the net. At the same time, they must be aware that the Depth Chart is thin, and although we are 2-0 without some key players, we still must make sure to keep healthy. So boys, don't let Dion Phaneuf catch you with you head down, you saw what happened to Kyle Okposo, you are going to be drinking your dinner through a straw for a couple days. But the underlying theme of this match-up is GOALTENDING. Carey Price has played two great games in a row for probably the first time since late 2008 and the Canadiens are not going to get far if he doesn't do it again tonight.

Finally a fun little fact for you today: Rush Limbaugh and St. Louis Blues Owner Dave Checketts are trying to purchase the St. Louis Rams. I'm sure if asked about the Rams awful record to start this year, Rush will blame it on the Liberal Media.

Enjoy the late start.
Peace True Believers,

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Ryno out six weeks.

Another crippling blow to our Defensive corps.
To cheer you up... some midgets beating each other up on Springer.
I did promise it.
Cheer up,
at least we're first in the division.
Peace true believers,


Wait... we weren't supposed to win!
That was the Canadiens first victory without Andrei Markov since February 4th, 2007. It was a 4-3 overtime win over the Pittsburgh Penguins and David Aebischer got the win. Don't ask me how long it took me to find that little fact. Don't ask me who scored the winner... probably was Radek Bonk or Mike Johnson. Props to anyone who remembers Mike Johnson OR Janne Niinimaa. Quite a trade that turned out to be... Ribeiro had 78 points last year... Niinimaa had 18 points in 20 games, which is great for a Defenseman, if he didn't do it on Lagnau of the Swiss League...
I digress.
The Canadiens shocked the world again tonight, still getting out shot and out muscled but coming away with an OT win, ruining a second straight opposing team's home opener. Travis Moen is impressing me SO much with his gritty yet productive play and Brian Gionta reinforces the fact that he is so small that he's able to elude hulking D-Men like Tyler Myers (basically an English speaking Zdeno Chara) by going through their legs, a la mischevious midget.
There will be mischievous midget videos up soon...
Unfortunately the Canadiens are not staying healthy, as Glen Metropolit and Ryan O'Byrne, two blue collar players who have been great character guys for the Habs in this young season both left the game and did not return. Sources say Metro has an upper body injury, while Ryno's injury is being called one of "the lower body variation". Just thought I should spice that one up.
Next up: The Canadiens travel on their annual Western Canada road trip, earlier than usual and open up in Cowtown versus the Flames, who I personally dislike because of Olli "the Otter" Jokinen, whose face and inconsistency down the stretch just makes me want to do terrible and atrocious things to the Ecosystem in which all otters live. The Flames are also 2-0-0 and boast the scariest blue line in the NHL with Bouwmeester, Phaneuf and Regher ALL being considered for Team Canada.
Keep shockin' em boys.
And for frig's sake, keep your heads up.

Peace True Believers,

Saturday, October 3, 2009

2009 - 2010 Game Preview. GAME 2. Canadiens vs. Sabres

This is a accurate picture of the Canadiens without Andrei Markov, notice Jacques Martin looking surprisingly like Rick Moranis. There's no point in more whining ladies and gentlemen, it's not going to heal Andy's tendons anytime sooner. What has to be done is for us to look forward to the future and have a smidgen of optimism knowing that we still have a dynamic group of forwards and an improved defensive core from last year. Roman Hamrlik will start in Markov's place on the first D pairing with Jaroslav Spacek, Travis Moen will move up to the third line in Mat D'Agostini's place who will be a healthy scratch, and Glen Metrosexual (props to Bong Hit for that Moniker) will center the fourth line with Greg Stewart and Georges Laraque. Max Patch and the Great Jewtalian will swap spots so that Cammalleri will be reunited with fellow Smurfs Brian Gionta and Scott Gomez. Finally, to lift all your spirits up, here is a quote from South Shore Habs Fan, who sent this to one of my favorite blogs, Four Habs Fans:

The star Russian defenceman and powerplay QB is injured for 4 months on the first game of the season, and the team struggles out of the gate. They come together around February, just as the star D-man returns and starts lighting it up, and jump from 10th place to 6th in the East and into the playoffs. Once in the playoffs, the inspired play of a young goalie determined to prove that he wasn't a draft bust, combined with a surprisingly strong defence that somehow includes Hal Gill, and a handful of gritty Quebecois third-liners leads the team to their first Stanley Cup in 17 years.

Delusion? Nope - the 2008-2009 Pittsburgh Penguins.

Keep the faith
Peace True Believers,

Friday, October 2, 2009

Well, this is quite a start.

It's going to be a long 3-4 months. Andrei Markov has supposedly suffered a torn tendon in last night's game against the Maple Leafs after getting tangled and probably cut by Carey Price's skate.

More to come.

Game One Canadiens 4 Leafs 3 OT: SMURFS SHINE IN PRIMETIME

Well it wasn't pretty, but we all knew it wouldn't be. The Canadiens opened up their season with a win, thanks to some unexpected offense from Glen (Don't screw with me because my brother will kill you) Metropolit and Josh Gorges. Every Canadien fan was happy to see Georges Laraque drop the gloves and rough up Colton Orr, but I'm sure the same people hoped that Travis Moen would've landed a little more punches on Public Enemy Mike Komisarek's big stupid face.
Andrei Markov left the game with what is being called a "Deep Foot Cut". Supposedly it is all stitched up but he will not be coming to Buffalo with the team to spend time to heal. Carey Price was spectacular in nets, Brian Gionta was exceptional, firing from every spot in the ice, and Mike Cammalleri showed his skill, setting up the OT winner. The third line was solid, generating lots of energy through big checks. Ryan O'Byrne has had a complete turnaround so far, looking like a smart and seasoned D-Man. Even Tina Plekanec was speedy and generated chances.

Hal Gill however...
Well hes 6'7. At least he has that going for him. Just stay in front of the net Hal, you will be alright.

Next Up: The Canadiens travel to Playofffutilityville USA, oh, sorry at some point in the last 50 years they changed the name to Buffalo, to attract more tourists. The Sabres are a team I don't know much about so expect a fight, because for some reason we always have it tough down there in Western New York.
Two points is still two points. I'll take it.
Peace True Believers,

Thursday, October 1, 2009

2009-2010 Game Preview. GAME 1. Canadiens vs. Leafs

An authentic portrait of the famous colonnial traitor, Benedict Komisarnold.

I had to do it. Come on...
The little three of Gomez, Gionta and Gomez will try to maneuver around the big three of Komisarek, Exelby and Schenn tonight in a game that has been hyped ever since the schedule was announced. Once again, the Canadiens start their season on the road, and after this play Buffalo, then take their annual Western road trip, curiously early in the year.

Game story lines
The Canadiens debut their revamped lineup, as do the now scary tough Maple Leafs. Expectations are not high for these Original Six rivals, as many people believe they will be Playoff bubble teams. The Canadiens fast but small top six will try to overcome the Leafs new core of bruisers that include former Canadien Mike Komisarek, Garnett Exelby, Colton Orr, Jay Rosehill and former College Star Viktor Stalberg, a 6'3 force that dazzled in training camp and will play on the top line with Matt Stajan and Jason Blake.

Canadiens keys to victory
To beat the Leafs tonight, the Habs must get out to a fast start, and not let the bigger and badder Leafs intimidate them and wear them down with body checks. We know the top line of Pacioretty-Gomez-Gionta will generate chances, but the big iffy question is if the second line of Cammalleri-Plekanec-Kostitsyn will be an asset or a liability. Canadiens fans can only hope that Pleks and Big Tits can return to their scintillating production in 07-08 complimented with a talented scorer like Mike Cammalleri who for know on will be known as "The Great Jewtalian". Pleks couldn't have said it any better "He's been playing like a little girl". A pubescent just-after-her-first-period-angry-because-her-boobs-aren't-big-enough little girl. Finally Jesus Price must rebound from his horrific 2009 form if the Canadiens are to win any games.
The time is finally here.

Peace True Believers,