Sunday, May 30, 2010

Game one of the SCF starts with a bang.

That was some craaaazy hockey, if only the Canadiens could have chased Michael Leighton from the net...
The Hawks look like a very good team, the Flyers aren't slouches, but the Blackhawks have some major firepower, as well as some grinders who could probbaly be first liners in Montreal.
Dave Bolland is a tank, I remember him from his London Knights days, was still a hard working guy who could turn the firepower on when he needed to.
Patrick Sharp absolutely sniped one over Leighton's shoulder for one of the goals.
Does anyone else notice that Arron Asham is slowly putting together quite a respectable playoff in terms of points. Does anyone else remember when he was a Hab?
Does anyone else remember the guy we traded him for?
The Powerful Pole himself, Mariusz Czerkawski!!!
After watching last night's game, I'm going to go out on a limb and say Hawks in 6.
They have all the tools right now, and it's not like Michael Leighton and Brian Boucher trump Anti Niemi in goal, it's kinda a tossup when the three guys weren't playing in the league regularly last year.
Considering how low the cap will be next year, this might be Chicago's chance, a perfect storm where they must capitalize and knock the Flyers overboard.
Gotta love those nautical terms. Arr-Arr-Arr.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

A year to be proud of.

Well it's over.
Funny, we were THIS close to calling this edition of the Canadiens a team of destiny. So close, but you will not see me in mourning.
This team defied the odds and made heroes out of some, and pariahs out of others. This team refused to say die, losing their best defense man FOR THE SECOND TIME THIS YEAR with a 6 month injury, and going through yet another goalie contreversey where by the end of it, despite the inspired performance of Jaroslav Halak, is no where near to being answered.
Last year, when the Canadiens were trounced in the first round, I decided to blame the season's failures on one man, or one White Russian Pansy Transvestite to be exact. Mikhail Garbovski, who took out Andrei Markov and Mathieu Schneider and sent the Canadiens on an absolutely horrid tailspin. This year, I will again place the blame on an unusual source.
You guys effed it all up. I wasn't mad that you lost the first three games after being up 3-0, but it would have been all too perfect if you had just closed it out Game Seven. You would have been fragile, unsure, and missing David Krejci and Marco Sturm, two of your top six forwards! I can guarantee that the Canadiens would have put the wood to the Broons, and we would be looking at a showdown with the Hawks. But NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. Even with a 3-0 lead in Game 7 you have to unceremoniously poop the bed.
For shame.
All kidding aside, I want to give some salutes to the players who showed their worth on this unforgettable run, and some of the players who weren't so lucky.
Mike Cammalleri: I salute you for being an upgrade to Alex Kovalev, you actually play well in the Playoffs AND the regular season.
Scott Gomez and Brian Gionta: I salute you for being on the only people trying during this Flyers series.
Hal Gill: I salute you for still being Hall Skill, even with one leg hacked into.
Josh Gorges: I salute you for being the last kid picked all your life, and still showing that you are Captain Material.

And now, the others....
Tomas Plekanec: Sorry that with your style of play and performance (or lack thereof...) in the playoffs makes you just a little too pricey for our team moving forward.
Marc Andre Bergeron: Sorry that while blessed with a rocket shot, you have Hockey aspergers.
Andrei Kostitsyn and Sergei Kostitsyn: Sorry for... just the get hell out of this town.
AAAAAND to Carey Price and Jaroslav Halak: Although you both can play, sorry that only one of you will be left in Montreal when next season starts.

Thats the obit for this year, thank you Bob Gainey for giving us a fun cast of characters to stand behind and give Montreal something to actually cheer about come the springtime.

Go Blackhawks. Hee hee
Peace, tonight you are all true believers,

Monday, May 24, 2010

Game 5 Don't give up just yet...

Well, I guess things aren't going exactly to plan.
After two stunning series victories the Canadiens have looked, well, like they did midseason when nothing was going right.
Really, 1 shot in the second period? Poop is kinda hitting the fan. Well it's not the time to give up just yet, the Habs have come back game after game after game, each time their backs were against the wall. This city just has to keep believing. They can still kick some ass, even if they are the big bad Flyers.
In other news, the Blackhawks advanced to their first Stanley Cup Final since 1992 and seem to be a team on a mission, their deep group of talent is certainly impressive, with Olympic MVP Jonathan Toews, Calder Trophy winner Patrick Kane, Slovakian superstar Marian Hossa and Norris Trophy candidate Duncan Keith.. Whoever comes out of the East will have their hands full with that All Star line up.
Have faith boys n girls. The show ain't over yet.
Peace true believers,

Friday, May 21, 2010

Series restored, and game #3 Preview RANT ALERT

Remember when I said don't panic? Well all I can say is it feels damn good to be right.
Last night was a covincing victory that seemed to really get under the skin of the Flyers. Oh, we're dicks because we put our top PP line on when we were already up 4-1? I'm sorry, I thought this was the stanley cup playoffs. It was a three goal load, not like we were embarassing you like you guys did in game one. If you guys want to jack a score up 6-0, don't start talking about bad karma when we repay the favor you cream cheese eating ingrates.
What else is on my mind? Oh yeah, tonight when asked about the chipiness of BOTH teams by Brent Wallace, Darren Dreger decided to instead go on a tagent talking 1) Gorges high sticking Claude Giroux but it being okay because he "apologized", 2) Scott Gomez tapping Dan Carcillo on the head after Carcillo cheapshotted him in order to get a retaliation penalty and 3) Mike Cammalleri pushing off a defender to score the first goal of the game, Dregs then HAD to add that "Many people think that shouldn't have been a goal".
You know what, I know that you and the rest of your Leaf groupies cannot wait for the Canadiens to be bounced so you could instead talk about Brian Burke's new five year plan that starts with the brilliant "trade Tyler Seguin/Taylor Hall and another first round pick" move, but we're still in this, and we're not going away so easy. We are the last Canadian team in the playoffs, I'm sure if the Canucks were in our place all the focus would be on the quetionable play of our opponents. We Montrealers who actually want to watch in English turn to TSN for it's intelligent insight from both sides, you really think you are going to lure viewers in when they have to watch their team get dissed for 3 minutes? Instead of ignoring the fact that FLYER Scott Hartnell instigated a fight in the last 5 minutes and how in the regular season that would be a suspension, why don't you actually focus on the fact that this is a chippy affair on both sides and stop portraying the Canadiens as a team that does not deserve to be at this point.
I think I needed to get that out of my system.
Anyways it should be a physical and emotional game tomorrow and let's hope the Habs show what they can do and expose Leighton early and often.
Peace true believers,

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Well, take a deep breath.

Okay, so we're down 2-0, have been outscored 9-0, out shot the Flyers, and do not really have a presence in this series at this point.
Maybe it's time to pretend that we didn't just win two stunning playoff rounds, and that the entire city wasn't captivated by their great run full of inspiring performances.
Or, maybe we support this team and cheer for them no matter what, because we proved that we could do it, and proved that this team can skate with the best of them, suck it Leaf fans, many of you guys are waiting to write an obituary saying that the Habs suck, but it sounds mighty insecure coming from a team that along with the Panthers, are the only two clubs in the league who have not made the playoffs.
So, shut your pie holes.
Cheer on this team, they can still pull this off.
Peace True Believers,

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Conference Finals Previews.

I think we all felt like the Canadiens were doing something really freaking special as we watched them take down the President's Trophy winners and the reigning Stanley Cup champions. I'm sure we thought it would be the talk of the playoffs.
Then the Flyers have to steal our thunder by coming back 3-0, in games won and and in goals in game 7. Instead of playing a beat up and scared Bruins team, we play an inspired Flyers team that will probably get Jeff Carter back in their line up early in the series. On a positive note, we take on Michael Leighton, a guy who at one point, was actually on the Habs, as a third goalie who never played a minute for us and was traded at the 2007 draft for a seventh round pick.
I cannot tell you what is going to happen in this series, because no one thought the 7th and 8th team would face off for a trip to the Stanley Cup, but I can tell you this much. If the Canadiens continue to frustrate the opposing teams top players, and Jaroslav Halak puts in another solid performance, there should be no reason why the Canadiens do not come up to accept the Prince of Wales trophy.
As for the West, truthfully I hope both teams get Influenza, like what happened in 1918, and whoever makes it from the East wins by default. Seeing as that won't happen, I'm going to call Hawks in 6. I think Chicago makes the jump and becomes an elite team.
So enjoy the off day, tomorrow is going to be nucking futs.
Peace true believers,

Wednesday, May 12, 2010


There are little words to describe the feeling of this victory. I'm going to let it soak in. Bring on the Broons or Flyers, the Canadiens are on the run of a lifetime. Rest in Peace Mellon Arena. Sid and company, you put up a hell of a fight.
I love this team.
Peace true believers,

2nd Intermission Update

The Habs got out to a slower start in the 2nd, but Andrei Kostitsyn made a nice play to keep the puck in the zone, fed it to Jaro Spacek who threw it in front and BAM!
Attack of the Jewtalian!
Mike Cammalleri has been Conne Smythey. I can safely say it now.
Whew. So everyone reading this, I am writing as the game goes on. So think of this as a literary highlight reel.
Back to the game, Halak played well, but gave up a bad chance in fron to Chris Kunitz. He made no mistake and buried it.
4-1 Habs.
The Canadiens cannot get shaken by this, they have to keep doing what they're doing. Crap, I was so happy, now it almost feels like we're down. We fans in Montreal have confidence issues.
No shit, I know.
TSN brain farted majorly in their update, crediting Kris Letang with his first of the playoffs.
Two things wrong with that, Letang didn't score and he has 5 already this playoff.
Dom Moore is playing so well, he almost set up a goal with about 8 minutes left by making a great rush to the net. Habs are still sticking it to the Pens, good to see. Hamr takes a penalty, the Habs NEED to make it out of this period unscathed. Sergei Gonchar has been absolutely dreadful tonight.
Jordan Staal tips a shot past Halak. 4-2.
They need to hang on. They need to calm down. At least now we have a game on our hands.
I really thought I wouldn't have a heart attack tonight. Well I guess that was wishful thinking. Things starting to get chippy. If they Habs can once again finish the period with a two goal lead, I'm happy. Matt Cooke is a little bitch. Fuck Gorges, why couldn't you let him have the puck and THEN hit him. Period over, still up 4-2, but we have a Power Play to deal with next period.
Peace true believers,
We can still do this.

First Intermission update.

Whew, that first goal really lowered my heart rate.
A crappy goal is exactly what we needed to get back into this game, nothing quiets a crowd like a softie when their Captain is in the box.
Dom Moore picked up a interesting penalty after Lapierre almost made it 2-0. Gill is a warrior for being back on the ice blocking shots. Great effort by the Habs on the kill, Tommy Pleks almost buried an amazing short handed chance on the breakaway. The Pens look more nervous than a 14 year old unclasping his first bra.
The Pens started to pick it up in the form of Jordan Staal and his line mates. You really wonder what he could be capable of if didn't play behind Malkin and Crosby at Center.
Then Dominic redeems himself. 2-0 Habbies.
His second huge Game Seven goal this playoffs, and an incredible effort from the all of a sudden godly Maxim Lapierre.
The Pens are nervous, Sid Crosby is nervous, and Marc Andre Fleury is nervous. I will not declare anything just yet, I will only feel confident once Brent Johnson is between the pipes and Fleury is chased.
As the period ticked away. The Canadiens have their work cut out for them, they are up 2-0. And need to keep it that way.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Habs 4 Pens 3. It all comes down to one game.

I had to do it, just had to.
What a hockey game! In my 10 years of going to Canadiens games at the Bell Centre, I have never screamed louder than I did last night. The crowd erupted when Mike Cammalleri ripped his 10th of the post season past Marc Andre Fleury, cascaded in boos when the Officials embarked on a mission to screw the team with timely calls and non calls, and absolutely lit up like St. Jean Baptiste day when Cammy tied the score up and received a near 5 minute ovation from me and my fellow partisans. There was some mild irony that "Vertigo" was played when Jaro Spacek scored his first of the playoffs after returning from that said illness.
Then, Max Lapierre the quintessential "super pest" shows that he's so much more than a mouth. His end to end rush had the place bouncing like those giant balls from the South Park episode.
So. What are our chances tomorrow night? I like them. I think as this team gets healthier, they become more dangerous. I think that Mike Cammalleri is playing his best hockey. Ever. The Canadiens have won 7 playoff games this year. That is the most games won by the Habs since 1993. Gee, what happened that year?
It should not end here. It can not end here. Go Habs Go, let's shock the world yet again.
Peace true believers,

Monday, May 10, 2010

Game 6 Preview: City on the edge.

After the Canadiens dramatic come from behind win against the Penguins Thursday night, I got the call that I would have the chance to attend game 6 tonight. I had high hopes resting on Saturday;s game, knowing that a win in Game 5 would give me a chance to see the Canadiens eliminate the Pens in front of a raucous Bell Centre crowd. So of course we lose Game 5. You know what though, I still have hope for this team. This is a team that can get the job done, they have shown us their grit in the clutch from the Washington series. There is no reason why the Canadiens can't skate out with a win and force a game seven. All they need is the fan support so be loud as hell. I wanna be partially deaf in the ear by the time the first is done.
Who knows what's going on with the D, I would just look stupid to speculate. Spacek looks ready to go, and Gill will be a game time decision. Makov will not play, I am sure of that.
So get ready, because in just over two hours, it will be Hockey's version of judgement day.
If the Canadiens win tonight, there is mad hope that they can take this series on Wednesday.
Peace true believers,

Friday, May 7, 2010

Against all odds. Habs 3 Penguins 2. Series tied 2-2

The title of my blog is also a very inspiring Phil Collins song.
Just thought you should know.
Well once again the Canadiens seemed up against the ropes, up for dead and with no magic left. Then, they win.
Wait what?
This team is courageous, resilient and to borrow a term from the lovely Brian Burke, truculent!
Their third liners, or "pluggers" as the Montreal media have branded them, put in an inspired effort including 2 of our 3 goals.
What it all comes down to though, is leadership in the face of adversity. The players signed by Bob Gainey this summer, the Cammalleris, the Giontas and Gills of this world, know exactly what it takes to win, and are embracing their underdog roles.
Like James A. Baldwin once said, the most dangerous creation of any society is the man who has nothing to lose. Now, ask me who James A. Baldwin is. It doesn't matter, because the Canadiens are now dangerous, and men on a mission. If I were the Penguins right now, I would start to sweat a little.
Enjoy the weekend,
Peace true believers,

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Game 4 preview. Do not panic.

Well I think it's safe to say we all have avoided talking about Tuesday night's game. The truth is, the Canadiens gave it all they had, they just ran into a very good goaltender. It is not time to freak out, this series is not over yet. The Canadiens need to put the same effort in tonight, but they must keep the momentum up with an early goal or two. The series is not over, far from it. The Canadiens MUST win tonight, the Penguins are more consistent than the Capitals and will have no problem closing out a 3-1 series.
Enjoy the game, hopefully the weather clears up.
Peace true believers,

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Trying to grab the Bull by the Balls. Game 3 Preview.

Hear those loud obnoxious horns, you see that effigy of Sid Crosby being burned at stake? No the FLQ haven't taken over, it's Round Two in Montreal! The streets will be buzzing and the Bell Centre will be at a decibel level formerly not known to mankind. The average Blood Alcohol level on Ste. Catharines tonight should be able to put the entire population in Westmount in the drunk tank for the night.
But I digress...
The Pittsburgh Penguins are not the Washington Capitals, they actually do have more self confidence than a 14 year old with a zit on her forehead. They can get the job done if given the chance to execute. So the Canadiens need to keep up their defensive wizardry. Hal Gill, Josh Gorges and P.K. Subban have to be rocks on the blue line yet again. Mike Cammalleri needs to keep finding those dead spots in the zone, and Andrei Kostitsyn needs to be super glued to the bench.
Emphasis on the Super Glue.
If the Canadiens can pull a victory off tonight, they put themselves in the driver's seat of this Eastern Conference Semi Final, and a lead a series 2-1 for the first time since the Bruins series in 2008. Our third line center was Bryan Smolinski. Yeah, it's been a while.
Enjoy the game and anyone who boos the national anthem should have to make out with Evgeni Malkin

I know, I've already used this picture. But I feel now is a good time to bring it out of the Montreal Hypocrites archive.
Peace true believers,

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Making it a best of five series, Habs win 3-1 in Game #3

Well another series starts, another loss where we seemed totally mismatched, and another scrappy win the re-instill hope.
It's not even surprising anymore guys.
Well the Canadiens showed that they could once again roll with the big dogs with an 3-1 win led by the scoring brilliance of our favorite Jewtalian, Mike Cammalleri. Both his goals were brilliant, the first one a testament to his probably Italian natural soccer abilities, and the other a clutch snipe to put away the Pens. Jaroslav Halak's 38 saves were not in any way godly, but held the fort and was a great bounce back from his shaky Game 1. Andrei Kostitsyn only played a minute and a half, and Sergei was scratched. I think it is safe to say that these boys might have played themselves out of this city.
Hal Gill continues to be Hal Skill, and P.K. Subban is way too sick. The future is bright with the Subbinator in it.
On to Game 3, the Bell Centre will be rocking harder than Roman Polanski's trailer outside a middle school.
Low blow? I don't care this is a hockey blog.
Peace true believers,