Friday, March 12, 2010

2 points is 2 points.

But yikes, was that ugly.
I guess this cements the hypothesis that the Canadiens' play to their opponents level. Even when that opponent has the worst record in the National Hockey League.
POSITIVES: The Pou-Gomez-Gio line is still producing, and Tom Plekanec and Andrei Kostitsyn got back to their scoring ways. The bottom lines continue to create energy and surprisingly timely offence, and the Habs now have won 4 straight and can breath a little easier in 7th place.

NEGATIVES: Other than the fact that we almost lost to the Oilers, Jaro Halak did not play a very good game, but let's be fair, even though many of you are ready to jump off the Jaroslavwagon because of this shaky game, Halak has been stealing games at times when our team did not show up. No one's perfect, and hey, we got two points. I was actually happy to see Edmonton play well, because lord knows their fans have been waiting to see them play some competitive hockey. I just hope they do not start playing TOO well, to make sure that Toronto does not finish last in the league. Do we really want to face Boston next year having to worry about an Offensive dynamo like Taylor Hall?

Let's be happy, times are good, Spring is right around the corner, and Les Boys are making a run for the Playoffs.
Peace True Believers,

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