Friday, March 5, 2010

A game that got away.

I'm going to be honest, I fell asleep before the start of the third period last night. Let's face it, it was was damn late and I had a headache. Before I went to bed, the Canadiens had played a hard fought game and through some amazing goaltending by Carey Price, we had a 2-1 lead on the San Jose Sharks, one of the NHL's elite teams. When I woke up, we had lost, and Max Lapierre was Public Enemy #1 on TSN. Now the outcome of the game was disappointing, but it was nice to see the Habs skate with a great team, and have Price put on a show in nets. The one thing I am shocked about, is that Maxim Lapierre is still on this team. I know many of you love Mad Max, either because he is scrappy, or because he is a home town boy. If you evaluate his year, you will see that he has not produced and has been pestering some of the NHL's best fighters, only to run away when it came time to drop the gloves. This last stunt he pulled, pushing Shark forward Scott Nichol into the boards when he no longer had the puck and was skating full speed, was cowardly at best. Now, don't get mad at me, because I am calling out a Canadien fan favorite, I am not a blind homer. To all of you who say that it wasn't so bad, just look out how one of the Greatest Canadiens of all time, Howie Morenz ended his career and life. He was pushed into the boards by Babe Seibert, broke his leg, and then proceeded to drink himself to death in the hospital. Am I being dramatic? Absolutely, but when you figure that a collision into the boards like that could break your leg, putting you out of commission for at least 6 months, you understand that what Lapierre did was spineless. Hopefully once Mike Cammalleri returns from injury, it will be Lapierre and not Tom Pyatt who has been playing exceptionally since his call up, who we be sent down to Hamilton.
Peace True Believers,

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