Wednesday, April 28, 2010


Judgement day.
The signings, trades, managerial changes all come down to tonight at 7. The best team in the League, the most explosive player, the best entourage of play makers, snipers and power forwards, all a game away from being eliminated by a team called too small, too weak and too injury prone to do anything. The Canadiens get a lot of crap from fans around the league, because of their um, eccentric fans, and the long and drawn out historic ceremonies. You know what, most of the time, they deserve your not so gentle ribbing, but to all Leaf and Sens fans, if we pull this win off, in the immortal words of Dale Doback and Brennen Huff from Step Brothers, just shut your mouth. Just, shut it.
Jaroslav Halak was truly spectacular in Game Six, and must be more than spectacular tonight. I feel that each time we play the Capitals, we need a one goal handicap to properly be even. It's only when we score the second goal do I feel any ease at all. The Canadiens have scored first in four of the six games, and will need to add a fifth time to their list tonight. There is room to have hope boys and girls, mad crazy hope, so get out there, put those annoying little flagfs up on your car and be a good Montrealer and break a window if they win. Second one was just a joke, but I could always use a new pair of shoes from Foot Locker...
Enjoy the game, and Go Habs Go
Peace True Believers,

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