Sunday, October 17, 2010

A double header weekend.

Saturday morning after the Canadiens squeaked out a had fought win against Buffalo, I went to Habsinsideout and was greeted by a link to a Leafs blog, where they had an animation celebrating the longevity of Carey Price not having a home win. I brought up the simple point that the Maple Leafs had not won a playoff game on home ice in almost 6 times as long a wait, but I was refuted with "Blah Blah YOU booed Carey Price so don't defend him blah blah YOU burned a car after the Canadiens won a series and YOU booed the national anthem blah blah no actual refutation of the fact the Leafs haven't made the Playoffs since before Hurricane Katrina" I can deal with that to an extent, but now that Carey beat the Senators last night I can sleep easy without even worrying about those clowns. I am not against all Leaf fans, any fan who sticks by their team through crappy times deserve to be happy about a winning streak, but to those who Troll for the sake of trolling, then defend their trolling by shifting the focus to something else without any actual intelligent reasoning for it should have to drink a cup of Preston Lacy's sweat. (Jackass 3D reference sorry for the Spoiler).
The Canadiens are winning games, and their goaltender is keeping them in the ones they aren't. Tomas Plekanec is not letting the money get to his head, Andrei Kostitsyn is actually playing well albeit it is a contract year for him and Lars Eller is showing that Pierre Gauthier wasn't actually stoned on Pain killers when he traded for him.
To the real fans, this team can play.
To the trollers of the Hockey world, stop huffing house paint and get a life.
Bring on the Devils.

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