Thursday, October 14, 2010


I got to my seats in the Desjardins section last night, armed with two hotdogs, a piece of pizza and a water bottle (gotta love free food) read for a triumphant victory to open the home season. I knew if we were to pull a win out, three things would need to happen.
1. Our best players would need to be our best players.
Pleks and Cammy put on a show while our second line couldn't get anything going.
Grade: B
2. Carey Price would need to play well.
If you haven't seen it yet, put down the crack pipe and give the guy some recognition
3. Special Teams
Face palm.

I did not put down "lack of shoddy reffing" but we will get to that later.
The team let the game get away, when they were passing well it was beautiful to see, when they took penalty after penalty negating power play after futile power play, it was mind numbing. The Canadiens were able to hold on to a 3-2 lead with 2 minutes left and then came the Zebra defecation on the ice.
On further review it would look like PK Subban slashed the stick of the Lightning player, not his hand, it is tough to expect Referees to see a detail like that, but on the kill when Dustin Boyd was tripped in front of the net, nothing was called, and Steven Stamkos got a wide open net the idiots in the Molson Ex Zone obviously had enough. I am not a bottle throwing drunk off my ass buffoon, but you do not need to be one to be disgruntled at a call like that. There was a sinking feeling in the building as the team headed to overtime, and when Ryan Malone put in a rebound after Carey Price was yet again bombarded, we almost were not shocked anymore, as the game was lost the minute the score was equalized. The team needs to play better, Carey Price does not need more run support, but he needs the team behind him to field the ball better, and to get less errors. Sorry, we are still talking about Hockey.
On to Buffalo. On to Ryan Miller, a much better Goalie than Mike Smith.

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