Saturday, August 29, 2009

Big 5 officially gone.

After two months of an incredible overhaul in Montreal, the big 5 players that Bob Gainey wished to resign before the Free Agency Period began have offically all signed with different teams.

1. Mike Komisarek - TOR - July 1st
2. Alex Kovalev - OTT - July 6th
3. Saku Koivu - ANA - July 8th
4. Mathieu Schneider - VAN - August 28th
5. Alex Tanguay - TB - August 29th

Well boys, it was nice knowing you.
See you on the ice.

Other news. AK-27 stated that he would hypotheticallly like to play for the Canadiens to finish his career. Of course the dweebs in the nations capital are making such a big deal of this that Dany Heatley and his spoiled little trade demands have become a secondary issue.

In other other news, Team Canada had their scrimmage, with the Calgary crowd booing home town boy Heatley all the way. Maybe Hockey Karma does exist.

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