Monday, August 17, 2009


Well it's another beautiful but hockey news impaired day in Montreal. NOTHING has hapened in the last few days, save for Vaclav Prospal signing with the Rangers and the Canucks inking russian prospect Sergei Shirokov to an NHL contract.
Sergei Shirokov.... the second coming of Pavel Bure.....
Anyway I have decided to put up a list of people that I feel exemplify all that is boss in the world of Hockey. It is an exclusive list of only 10 people, and each month I will re-evaluate it, tweaking it here and there. So here it is. The inaugural version of E's BAWSS list.

1. Sidney Crosby - Youngest Stanley Cup winning captain ever. All the honeys back in Cole Harbor must be ordering alot of "Sid the Kid blowup love dolls".

2. Evgeni Malkin - Player with the most points ever in one playoff who wasn't named Gretzky or Lemieux. Looking good Gino.

3. Max Talbot - Max Poooowwwwwweeeerrrr......

4. Darren Helm - St. Andrews Mantioba's favorite son is speedster with heart who became a fan favorite in Detroit this year in the Playoffs.

5. Dan Cleary - The first Newfie to win a Stanley Cup put up big numbers this year and made a name for himself.

6. Travis Moen - One of the newest Habs is one of the best shut down players in the league and will give the Canadiens some much needed grit.

7. Scott Gomez - Anyone from Anchorage Alaska is pun intended, and he is taking french lessons so he doesnt put himself in a position to be attacked by the blood thirsty jackals.
Otherwise known as the French Media.

8. Alex Ovechkin - Everyone will be watching to see if Alex the Gr8 can be the first player since Wayne Gretzky to score 55 or more in three straight seasons.

9. Glen Metropolit - The only player I know from the ghetto.

10. Steve Mason - Youngest age I've ever seen a goalie truly kick ass and take names in the NHL.

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