Friday, August 21, 2009


I am in Vermont, land of Ben and Jerry's and the UVM Catamounts, whose alumnus include John Leclair, Martin St. Louis and Vezina winner Timmy Thomas. Shoutout to MC O-Mayzing for his humble hospitality. Here are some bullet points.
  • Dany Heatley had a press conference to discuss the reasons for demanding his trade from the Senators. My "IDONTGIVEAFLYINGFUCKOMETER" has been raised to 11.
  • Pat Kane has apologized for effing up some poor cab driver. If only he had done the same to the Red Wings this year in the playoffs...
  • Speaking of the Wings, Detroit has signed Todd Bertuzzi to a one year deal. The Pistons couldve used him five years ago for the brawl at the Palace...
On a serious note my condolences go out to Jose Theodore and his family who lost their two month old son yesterday. My prayers are with you Jose.

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