Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Hockey D-Day. Canada Russia

Let's hope we get some Henderson-esque heroics tonight. It's not going to be easy, the Russians shoot often, skate fast, and have Ovechkin. Need I say more. It seems like a lot of people in this country are panicking, and turning on players who before this "apocalyptic" loss to the States, were considered national heroes. To the people of Canada: CHILL THE HELL OUT.
Maybe it was a little naive to believe that Canada would roll through the competition, and before people start writing Obituaries before we even take to the ice, let's consider this.
Russia lost to the Slovaks, who in turn, almost lost to the Norwegians yesterday.
Does this mean that Norway and Russia would tie?
No you ingrates, it just means we have no idea what will actually happens until the puck drop tonight.
We are going to need consistent goal tending from Roberto Luongo tonight, he needs to show that he can win the big game. We need to get a lot of shots early and get Evgeni Nabokov out of a groove, we need to convert on the Power Play, no more oh fors, and slow down their skill players with big hits.
Is it a lot to ask for?
I don't know, is it a lot to ask for the best players in our country to play well executed Hockey?
We have a shot tonight, go out and cheer for you country Canada.

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