Sunday, February 28, 2010

Time to nut up or shut up. Gold Medal Preview.

A quote from the great Woody Harrelson should set the scene today. All the planning, the evaluation camps, the selections, the round robins, all come down to a game against the United States of America, a team that upset Canada and set the country into a panic induced delirium. Although the last meeting of these teams did not bode well for the Great White North, I remain a cock eyed optimist. Canada crushed Germany and then demolished Russia, the early tournament favorite. The close 3-2 game against Slovakia should not be any room for concern as the Slovaks and Jaro Halak played a defensively responsible game that led them to a victory over the Swedes. So we get to the game plan. What does Canada do to beat the United States this afternoon.
To win, Canada must play Canada's game. They must combine creative passing, hard and accurate shots, and energy through blistering physical play, with an better than solid effort from Roberto Luongo. They must come in here and try to channel teams of the past, they must battle like Paul Henderson and Phil Esposito in '72, skillfully overpower their opponents like Mario and the Great One in '87, and have the desire and pride of Sakic and Kariya in '02. This has been a magical Olympics for Canada, and even with the many disappointments, came heroes, John Montgomery, Charles Hamelin and the courageous Joanie Rochette led to record totals for our country, and with a win today at Canada place, we would set a new International standard for Gold Excellence.
To Scott Niedermayer and Team Canada, we are all with you today, from Newfoundland to Nanaimo, let our cheers inspire you to end this incredible fortnight of Athleticism on the highest note possible.
Peace, and enjoy the game Canada,

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