Tuesday, February 2, 2010

This might be bad. Nucks Habs preview

Let's not sugar coat it. The Canadiens aren't in the best situation right now. Mediocrity has set in, we are fighting for a playoff spot, we cannot score even strength goals, and the one guy who can is on the shelf for six to eight weeks. All you need now is a Tiger Woods like sex scandal and you've got the perfect storm. The Habs try to get some points as they take on the red hot Vancouver Canucks tonight at 7:30 at the Bell Centre, if the Canadiens want to not be sellers at the deadline in March, they will have to finish the Pre-Olympic stretch strong, starting tonight. Benoit "The Giant Chicken" Pouliot and Brian Gionta will move up to Tommy Plekanec's wing tonight and maybe this will work out in Cammy's absence. Plekanec has picked up his once torrid pace, with five points in his last four and Pouliot has been the Canadiens' most consistent scorer since his arrival. Matt D'Agostini has been called up, but he might not even play because of the flu. Jaro Spacek is also questionable because of the virus. So enjoy the game, and let's try to survive these six to eight weeks of hell.
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