Saturday, June 6, 2009


Yes, the Stanley Cup Finals have re-awesomeized the Playoffs.
We all know that the Conference Finals were lamer than the Toronto Legacy...
But this is different.
Just when Pittsburgh's Goose (Or is it their Penguin?) looked cooked, they break out for three goals in six minutes, six minutes that could be the turning point of this series.
If Pittsburgh can steal a game at Joe Louis tonight, I can't see them losing this series.  However, the home team has won every game in this series and the Red Wings will come out firing tonight (with the addition of their Hart Trophy Candidate Pavel Datsyuk).
Even if you are not a fan of either of this teams, I implore you to watch tonight, because you might not be a fan of the Penguins or Red Wings, but you are probably a fan of Great Hockey.
Can't go wrong tonight.

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