Monday, November 23, 2009

The death of Gui!

Your nips might get a lil' cold in Minny bud.
Well Bob Gainey took his in house cleaning to a new step trading disgruntled fan favorite Guillame Latendresse to the Minnesota Wild for hulking underachiever Benoit Pouliot.
Pouliot was selected 4th overall in 2005, just a spot ahead of Carey Price.
Imagine the nightmare if we had the chance to draft him. Ugh.
Pouliot has been considered one of the bigger draft busts of the last 10 years, just a little less than the great Patrik Stefan. He has been in and out of the minor leagues and has a mere four points in his first fourteen games of the season which would be alright, if he wasn't chosen only three spots after Sidney Crosby...
Benoit Pouliot is not the answer, he might just be another problem, but you have to hope a change of scenery can do well for him.
Meanwhile Gui, I do not put you at fault for your issues. When you have 23,000 Neanderthals chanting your name as an eighteen year old in the PRESEASON, and the team decided to bypass letting you evolve fully in junior and the AHL, it's hard not to have a little bit of on ice issues.
Hopefully you hit your stride in Minnesota and this trade was what you needed. Happy trails my man.
Oh and uh Benny...
Welcome to the fucking jungle.

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