Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Entertaining Game. Habs top Jackets 5-3.

The first game of the A.G. era (After Gui!) era started off with a win, Carey Price made some show stopping saves, Tommy Boy Plekanec continues to rack up nthe points, and Sergei Kostitsyn a.k.a The Scarecrow (If he only had brain...) made a genereally triumphant return to the Bell Centre, playing hard nosed and setting up Maxim Lapierre's insurance marker in the third period.
Is it just me, or did that shot kind of represent Mad Max firing all of his frustration and futility plus a little bit of his buddy Gui's topless magazine spread into the net? I dunno if that's too deep for some Hab fans, but I think it sounds good.
We are now one game above five hundred for the first time in god knows how long.
Woohoo! We're #10! We're #10!
The Canadiens now get to take on the top two teams in conference as they head to steel town tonight and then head back home to host the Caps on Saturday. Washington will be looking for revenge after dropping a tight one last Friday.
Aha, dropping a tight one.
You readers are slow lucky that you are reading the blog from one of Montreal's true sport intelligentsia.

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