Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Flames vs. Canadiens Our saviour has truly arrived.

Make Way! The Newest Canadien is the second coming of Butch Bouchard, a rock on the blue line that will put us over the top.
Ladies and Gentlemen...
Just thought we need some humor.
This team is incredibly different from the squad we were looking at before the season opener against Toronto Maple Leafs. We've called up alot of Bulldogs and signed a couple people who probably would not have been signed had we not faced some injury issues.
Halak will get the start tonight, and we should all distinguish the difference between Jaro Halak, who is a hard working Goalie just trying to win, and his slime ball piece of dung agent Allan Walsh. Because as much as I do not think Carey Price is playing well, I am genuinely disgusted in Walsh's comments as taking a cheap shot at a 22 year old and then denying the statements later by deleting the quote from his twitter.
Anyway enough about steaming pieces of crap.
Andrei Kostitsyn will be starting on the first line tonight, team leading scorers Plekanec and Cammalleri will play together on the second line with Max Lapierre, and new addition Jay Leach will start on the third pairing with Queen MAB. He hopes to be a non factor in the sense that he does not want to make a negative imprint on the team. If only Marc Andre thought the same way...
Last but not least, I want to commend Mike Cammalleri for his for program "Cammy' Heroes" supporting the troops. Whether troops should or should not be in Afghanistan right now, I am one of the strongest supporters of our troops in all their endeavors.
Enjoy the game tonight, and the special centennial jerseys that do not give you screaming migraines.
Peace True Believers,

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