Saturday, November 28, 2009


Give kudos to the Canadiens, who many thought were going to be beaten worse than Tiger was by his wife.
Low blow.
I know.
Even though we did not get the extra point, I am very happy with this team's effort. We are playing without Gomez, without Gionta, without both Andreis, without Gill and without Benny Poo (My new name for Pouliot). Somehow we were able to get a point against the best team in the Eastern Conference.
I have a new name for Tomas Plekanec, taking in the facts that he plays a hard nosed, never say die game, and that he used to be a pansy his new nickname is Scrappy Coco from the classic You Don't Mess with the Zohan.
Disco and Hummus jokes to come.
Take this loss as a partial victory my friends.
Cheer on the Als tomorrow, Montreal needs at least one team to win a championships this year.
And no, the Impact do not fucking count.
Damn Europeans...
Peace True Believers,

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