Saturday, December 26, 2009

How the hell did we win that one? Habs 3 Leafs 2 OT

I am in a room full of Maple Leaf fans to start Overtime, the tension is as thick as (insert fat person joke here). My fellow viewers are in good spirit, their team has almost 50 shots and just missed the net with less than ten seconds to go. The overtime started and the Canadiens got the puck into the Leafs zone. "Well at least they're actually going to get a shot on net..." And then boom, a lame duck shot by Andrei Kostitsyn, and game over. The entire room in shock. The Maple Leaf supporters stunned that their team put in such a strong effort only to come away with it with one measly point, and the Canadiens fans in the room, well, we did not know how we even got a point in the first place.
As Raymond Babbitt would say, "Definitely, D-D-Definitely a shitty game". I could just end it there by saying "Well a win is a win" but this one deserves a little more rant.
A lot of idiot Canadiens fans think that we should trade Jaro Halak, one of them going as far as saying that we could "Get Jeff Carter". Straight up. No, I was not polling the Shot put Bronze Medalist at the Special Olympics. At least that guy would have a concept of the way sports work. My point is that at this point, with Jaroslav being the only thing that keeps us in games, we should pray he does not get dealt.
Well we are back in a playoff spot, with three games in the next week, it should be either a great way to gain momentum or a terrible way to lose it.
Props to Tommy Pleks and Andrei Markov once again for top notch performances, and of course Jaroslav Halak, who will PROOOOOBABLY be between the pipes Monday night versus the Senators.
Finally to round out my report, I was kind of bored watching Team Canada physically and mentally raping Team Latvia 16-0. And since there are no Canadiens prospects playing for Canada, I am just looking for Patrice Cormier to kill a poor swiss-man tomorrow given his recent history of dirty hits.
Peace True Believers,

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