Wednesday, December 16, 2009

The most infuriating losing streak ever.

I could possibly deal with the Canadiens losing by hefty margins every game. At least I would know that we would have a shot at a lottery pick, but the last four games have (to paraphrase Peter Griffin) "Ground the fuck out of my gears".
All one goal games, all a product of the Canadiens inability to stay out of the Penalty box.
How much proof do we need that this is the reason we are losing games, seriously.
I truly believe this team has the talent to be a top 5 seed in this conference even without Markov and Gionta. If we would have won these four games and not gotten retarded penalties late, we would be looking at a team with 41 points, and tah dah! 5th seed in the East.
The Canadiens have immense potential to do something special this year, they have a 1st line that is producing and hard working checkers who do not quit on plays. Add that to a yeoman effort by Roman Hamrlik, the return of Andrei Markov one of the league's best D-Men and put it all in front of an inspired Carey Price who gives us a chance to win each game he starts, and we got a hell of a team. Right now the Canadiens Team is a Mercedes that was given by a Father to his stoner son who stains the leather seats with Wendy's wrappers when he gets the munchies for a Spicy Chicken Sandwich and fills it wit terrible low end gas.
Shit, I got to get myself to Wendy's one of these days. Love that sandwich.
Add this to Louis Leblanc getting cut from Team Canada, and it adds up to a pretty crappy week for Habs fans.
Oh by the way does anyone else find it funny that TSN is calling TSN 2 "the deuce"?
Stay positive.
Peace True Believers,

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