Saturday, December 12, 2009

Ref rape. Preview vs. Thrashers

Listen, I know Chris Lee is probably a good guy, and I know he probably did not intentionally want to screw the Canadiens Friday night versus the Penguins, but when your Team is playing in it's most important month, and every point counts, especially against the defending Champs, and you have exams on Monday and it is really cold outside, it REALLY pisses you off.

Anyways, the Canadiens take on the Thrashers tonight, and it looks like Andrei Markov is making huge steps towards his recovery from his Tendon Slice. Let's hope he's back soon and let's hope we don't get burned tonight and Carey Price bounces back from the bad goal he let up on Pascal Dupuis.
Gotta love Hockey on a Saturday night.
Peace True Believers.

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