Saturday, December 5, 2009

This team confuses me. Canadiens 5 Bruins 1

Before the game last night, Montrealers were expecting the worse. The formula was a recipe for disaster.
A) Play for the second night in the row after getting spanked 6-2.
B) Playing the Boston Bruins, our bitter rival who would love nothing more than to ruin the Canadiens' 100th Birthday Party
C) Having a 2 hour pre-game ceremony that would surely take all intensity away from the Canadiens.
During the incredible opening of the ceremony, where Habs legends of the past skated in full unifrom and took shots on fully padded Patrick Roy and Ken Dryden, I made some jokes that we would probably be better off with this version of aged legends instead of our regular team, and hell, Yvan Cournoyer still has some mad wheels! I even went as far as shouting out "Play him instead of Bergeron!" When Emile "Butch" Bouchard came out to retire his #3. Yes, I believed that a 90 year old in a wheelchair would fare better than our current blue liners.
But then the game started. And once the second rolled around, I was more bewildered then ol' George Dubya in a chess game.
I am ecsatic about the way the team played last night, but I do not understand why they cannot put this effort in every game. They are professionals, it is their job to be good at Hockey. You wouldn't pay the guy who mows your lawn $7 M a year just because his name is also Gomez.
I hope the Canadiens can ride the momentum of finally being freed from the painfully long Centennial Celebrations and not feel like they are inmates just because those retarded Babershop Jerseys look like Prison garbs.
I'm happy. But I'm sure as hell that all the analysts were more shocked last night then when Brendan Burke came out.
And in all seriousness, if his Dad wanted to show he was tolerant towards Gay people, why on earth did he trade Jiri Tlusty?
Pops to Coach Obrand for that good one.
Great game boys, keep it up.
Peace True Believers,

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