Saturday, October 24, 2009

Game Preview #10 Rangers vs. Canadiens

Some little game notes before puck drop.
Game is only on CBC Montreal and RDS. Those baby eating individuals in Toronto decided to actually make Canuck fans go see a game a 4 PM Pacific Time, just so it will be on at 7 in Ontario so the entire country could watch the winless Maple Leafs yet again.
Well... at least we still have Bob Cole, who USED to do National games before he started losing control of his bowels...
Anyway. The Canadiens look for their third straight win, to get back to .500 and try to get back in the Eastern Conference fold. Look for Jaro Halak to start tonight, but in no way does this mean that he is our new #1, but he is damn hot, and Bob Gainey would be have to be smoking some pretty hard core hydro not to start him tonight.
Enjoy the game, and don't boo Chirs Higgins tonight, it is not his fault he only has two points and no goals so far this year, well, maybe it is...
Peace True Believers,

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