Thursday, October 15, 2009

My problem with some Montrealers.

I can see the comments now.
"The Canadiens suck, we are not going to win a game!"
"Carey Price is terrible, Jeff Hackett wouldn't have let up 3 goals!"
Tonights home opening 3-2 loss was one that could've been avoided, but this early in the season we can still look at the positives.
People are yelling for change and we're only 6 games in, I actually heard someone say today that they were hoping the Canadiens lost so the Molsons could fire Bob Gainey quicker.
Where do you get your Meth Amphetamine sir, because it seems to be working quite well...
This town is turning on a team WITHOUT it's best player. This town is turning on a Goaltender who has stood on his head save for one game against Vancouver. Please tell me how any of these goals tonight were his fault.
I dare you.
Say to my face that he should have covered up his pads on the first goal to not let the puck trickle in, tell me to my face that the puck bouncing off two Hab players had no effect on Price's ability to stop that puck.
"Oh, well he should have quick enough reflexes to snag that puck that hit off Shawn Belle, I mean, he was picked #5 overall.."
"Well he's made a save when the guy has had an open net before, why couldn't he just have done that to Ryan O'Reilly, when Scott Gomez was too preoccupied proving to the Ref that he was elbowed rather than cover the man who sneaked in front of the net. ALONE."
Take away the Vancouver 7-1 loss, and we have had one goal games in EVERY game of the season. Almost every question surrounding this team has been answered, many of them positive.
1. Have secondary scoring? Tomas Plekanec leads our team in scoring, and today Andrei Kostitsyn finally peeked his head out and decided he was going to be the talented Russian we knew 2 years ago.

2. Puck Possession? The shots were 31 to 23 and the Avalanche were only able to score through deflections by our own players and one gaffe by Scott Gomez.

3. Goaltending? Any one who says Carey Price is struggling will get a boot to the face. Seriously, forget about his faux pas in BC, and he has a Save percentage of .904, and a Goals Against of 2.5. I know, I know, WHY SHOULDN'T WE COUNT THE GAME AGAINST VANCOUVER, THAT WAS IMPORTANT AND SINCE PRICE DIDN'T WIN HE SUCKS.

E: Roberto Luongo has the same GAA as Price, and the same amount of losses. So um, he sucks?


I am not doubting that Bobby Lu will bounce back from his beginning of the year troubles, I hope to god he does, I have him in my pool... I just think that it's a little early to be calling for the pitchforks and torches and you are not a correct hockey fan if you think Carey Price is not playing well.

This team has answered many troublesome questions, and all the parts of a great squad are here, we just haven't gotten the wins yet.

Do I think we will bounce back soon and finish first. Hell no. Do I think we will stabilize in time to clinch a low playoff seed? Well that sounds a lot more realistic. This is going to be an uphill climb all the way, and I have heard so much garbage from fans around the league about Why their team "sucks because they started out 1-3" or why their team is "going to the finals because they scored 5 goals in a game". We have to give this some time, this is an incredibly new team and a transition is not going to happen overnight. People say "Oh well the preseason should have solved that!" The preseason usually showcased HALF NHL caliber players and HALF AHL players without our top six fowards playing all at the same time. How is Mike Cammalleri going to mesh with Andrei Kostitsyn right away if he played his Exhibition games on the wing with Ben Maxwell?
It is so easy to be negative right now.
We get it, you are going to sound edgy and opinionated.
You want to be part of a mob mentality because as a child you were never included in group activities because you usually ate Play-Doh.
I understand your pain...
But know this. I am watching you closely, and when OR if the Canadiens make a strong push for the playoffs and if it does happen that we pull a great upset and go into a far round, I will hold a party, with yummy finger foods and refreshing beverages, and who knows, maybe a stripper in a cake...
When you come to the door of this party, because hey, you change your mind quicker than Anne Heche and suddenly love the Canadiens, I promise you will not be welcomed in. Instead, a big sign will hang from my door, and a message will read above a large picture of me giving you the finger.
It will read:


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