Monday, October 26, 2009

Game Preview #11 Islanders vs. Canadiens

Groundhog day for Montreal, that of course is a reference to the Bill Murray film where he relives the same day over and over again. Seems a little odd that the Habs entertain the Islanders at the Bell Centre for the second time in a week? But this is the same league that moved a Saturday game in Vancouver to 4 P.M. local time against the worst team in the league, so go figure.

These are not the Canadiens of two weeks ago, they seem determined and the first line has turned into one of the most exciting Canadiens trios in recent memory. Who remembers the Special K Line in the 2004 playoffs? (Zednik-Koivu-Kovalev). Why did they call it the Special K line? Maybe it was because it had two players whose names started with K and then a retarded Slovakian who never kept two hands on his stick...
But hey, Zednik is putting up respectable numbers, 6 points in 10 games this year. With Yarsolavl Lokomotiv...

Some game notes:
  • Fresh off their hard working game against the Rangers, Matt D'Agostini and Guillaume Latendresse will play on the second line with Tomas Plekanec.
  • This of course means that Andrei Kostisyn will be demoted. To the fourth line. Personally I have not seen any indication of talent from him this year and believe it is time to ship him and his no-show of a brother out of town. But I mean hey, I guess he makes some nice dekes, and he doesn't get injured, because he runs away when people try to hit him... So I guess he's alright.
  • Jaro Halak will get his fourth straight start tonight, I have no problems with that, my only concern is that Carey Price does not get rusty sitting on the bench, as one slow start will only fuel the flames to the already out of hand "Goalie Controversy" the Blood Thirsty Jackals have fabricated.
That's it for now, there are some other games of note tonight, as the Leafs look for their first win of the season yet again, this time visiting the Ducks in South Cali. The Hawks and Wild hook up tonight as Marty Havlat plays his former team for the first time, and the surprisingly hot Phoenix Coyotes take on the Rangers who are fresh from their lesson on goalscoring from the Great Jewtalian, Mike Cammalleri.

Enjoy your Monday evening,

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