Saturday, October 10, 2009

2009 - 2010 Game Preview. GAME 5. Canadiens vs. Oilers

Greetings from Hogtown! And happy Thanksgiving Canada. Like Robin Sherbotsky of How I Met Your Mother says, this is the REAL Thanksgiving!
To the game...
The Canadiens (2-2-0) look to end off their season starting road trip with a win as they play the Edmonton Oilers (1-1-1) tonight. To all attending the game, wear a sweater for pete's sake, as it has already been snowing in Northern Alberta. Depressing. I know...

Game Notes:
Glen Metrosexual will be sitting out tonight's tilt with bruised ribs he looks to be able to play in the Canadiens Home Opener versus Colorado next Thursday. Carey Price will be starting tonight despite the call for him to be stoned by the Montreal Media. Sheldon Souray will not be playing tonight, which is a sigh of relief for the Canadiens Penalty Kill which ranks 29th in the league and has been just horrendous.

Keys to Victory: First of all, all Canadiens fans have to realize that to make the Playoffs this year, we're going to have to play an ugly but close game every night, anyone who expects us to blow out opponents is a moron, but anyone who gives this team crap for winning 3-2 in Overtime while getting outshout should take a reality check. This is how we are going to pull off wins, it ain't pretty but it's what's going to have to be done. Let's hope for the best today.

Peace True Believers,

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