Thursday, October 22, 2009

ALMOST PERFECT! Isles 1 Canadiens 5

Yeah... this picture will probably send me to hell...
But I'm in too good of a mood to be bothered by Satan's fiery Kingdom right about now.
Yes I know that was against a team who only won their first game last night, and it is early in the season and we still have a sub-.500 record... But you have to to like the effort the Canadiens put in tonight.
Outshooting the opponent? Check.
Scoring more than 2 goals? Checkilicous.
Powerplay scoring? Wow, really? Check!
Goaltending? Well minus a personal gaffe from Jaro behind the net, it's a big fat CHECK.

Marc Andre Bergeron scored a goal, this is the same guy who dropped his stick last night... it did not break, it did not get caught on anything... he just... dropped it. Like those cute little termite players. Yes, I am comparing Marc Andre Bergeron to a termite player, a termite player who carries around a Rocket Launcher. Damn was that shot hard.

Does this mean we are a new team and should annihilate the Rangers on Saturday?

It does mean we have some brand new confidence. And maybe Carey Price will be inspired by his fellow net minder to put in a stellar performance.

Great win, gotta love those midgets.
Peace true believers,

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