Wednesday, October 21, 2009

The unofficial Captain saves the day. Thrashers 1 Canadiens 2 SO.

The littlest Hab-o Brian Gionta displayed an all out display of skill and tenacity last night, if only we could say the same for everyone who wasn't on the first line last night...
A win is a win, and it did not come at the cost of losing one of our defenseman.
Here are my positives and negatives of the game.
POSITIVE: A win... a glorious two points. The first one in over 266 days. That's actually ludicrous.

NEGATIVE: Ugly once again. Marc Andre Bergeron should not have finished the game in my opinion, you take a defender whose defensive skills are already weak, then multiply it by a Colby Armstrong smack to the head and you get... the Thrashers tying goal. For pete's sake, keep MAB away from Hall Gill at all times, lord knows what kind of shenanigans will go down in the Canadiens zone.

POSITIVE: Jaroslav Halak played very well, especially in the shootout. He was calm cool and collected as he stared down Ilya Kovlachuk, arguably the second most dangerous player in the league, he made some key saves even when the team in front of him played suspect at times.

NEGATIVE: Jaroslav Halak played very well, especially in the shootout. Let's hear how many pulp articles show up in the next few days calling for Halak as the new starting goalie, only to change their mind the next time he loses a game. I feel for Jaro, he could be a starter on maybe 10-15 teams in this league, including the Canadiens! But Carey Price has shown flashes of absolute brilliance that trump the consistency and "verygoodness" of Halak, at least for now... Price was the reason for our first two wins, absolutely stealing those games right out of the hands of Buffalo and Toronto, if he puts in a good performance in a winning effort tomorrow night versus the Isles, then this debate will be put to rest yet again. If he falters however, we might have the ever popular "Goaltender Controversy" that seems to pop up in EVERY city around the league EVERY time a backup wins a game...

NEXT UP: Tavares and the Islanders invade the Bell Centre, as of 9:41 PM tonight they have not won a game yet, so of course they will beat the Canadiens right! :D
Seriously though, we could actually ride this momentum to achieve something productive. Well, I think we can...
Peace true believers,

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