Sunday, October 25, 2009

Game Ten Rangers 4 Canadiens 5 OT: JEWTALIAN POWER!!!

Well Lechaim and Salud to all of you, the Canadiens just won not only the game last night, but possibly the hearts of some of the skeptical Habs fans who thought that this first line was too small to generate offense.
This was one of those games that can turn a season around and be a turning point for a team. For all of you who thought that Mike Cammalleri was not living up to his signing...
Try those words with Steak Sauce, it'll make them taste better.
Was Jaro Halak good? He played well.
Did he steal a game and should be cemented as the Habs starter? Sorry all you poop-disturbers. I think Price is still the longterm #1. Now he just has to win a game...
With the Smurf line, we get consistent scoring for the first time since, um... the Lafleur era?
Seriously though, how many times last year were you frustrated when Kovalev was red hot then ice cold, Koivu hadn't scored a goal in 20 games and Tanguay was on the shelf... Our first line is made up of three guys who always play at least 75 games, and look to be producing at a reliable rate that seem to make the difference every night.
How about that, a Canadiens team with some stability.
We are in uncharted waters, it's pretty friggin' sweet.
Peace true believers,

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