Sunday, January 24, 2010

Greetings from Sunny San Diego!

I'm in the home of Ron Burgundy, giant panda bears and whale's vaginas. And I'm able to watch highlights of the Habs games. Gotta love Howard Johnson's free high speed! What a difference a weekend makes. One day the city is calling for blood and after two big wins all is forgotten. I think people should calm down a little. This is just inconsistency at it's finest. But I am happy with the inspired play of call up Mathieu Darche, and Benoit Pouliot absolutely dominating once again. If this guy keeps it up, I am making the call that he will be a integral part of our team for years to come.
More to come. Will be fun to watch the Canadiens Panthers online.
Peace true believers, you stay classy... Hab Nation.

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