Thursday, January 21, 2010

Should we be relieved? Or disappointed?

NEWS FLASH: TSN reports that the Canadiens will buy out the rest of Georges Laraque's contract, effectively ended his less then productive stint in Montreal, . Many thought he could be used to give the Habs some toughness, but he has been a disappointment in the sense that he has not dropped the gloves enough this season, in an effort to make a name for himself as a legitimate NHL player. 1 Goal unfortunately was not enough to cut it. Good Luck Georges, I do feel for you that this came at a terrible time for you and your fellow Haitians but I'm sure if you decide to go back to your fisticuffs ways, you will get signed by another team.

So oooon to the game. Bad First Period. Good for Carey Price to try and start a fight with Cam Janssen. Boring Second Period. Good for the Canadiens for killing off that 5 on 3. Well Played Third Period. Benoit the Giant Chicken is becoming a fan favorite. Overtime meh. Markov should have buried that pass he got from Gionta.

That's the game in a nutshell. We should be disappointed, not because we are 11th in the Conference, you could've probably expected that the Canadiens would fight for a playoff spot, but because of missed opportunities and periods when the Team just does not show up. If the Canadiens could've just played as well as they did in the Third Period, this would've been an easy two points, had the Canadiens kept us consistency in the Rangers Game, that would have been another two points, and if the Habs would have not let up against the Senators that could have been another two points. In that scenario, we would be looking at 5th place in the East. Instead of 11th. So even if you say that when the Canadiens play well they are overachieving, they should at least overachieve for 60 minutes.
There is a tough week ahead for Les Boys as they take on the Devils and Rangers and even though I will be out of town visiting Beautiful San Diego from the 24th to the 1st, I will be trying to check in every so often with a recap of the games. I have to keep it up for the loyal fans.
Peace True Believers,

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