Saturday, January 9, 2010

Gameday vs. Fatty Brodeur

Marty catches a photo with a fan during the off season.
For some reason Martin Brodeur is unstoppable against his home town team, and he has four shutouts at the Bell Centre. For the Canadiens to win tonight, they are going to need to stay disciplined, not let up the bad goal they usual allow and get scoring from both top lines. Ryan White has been called up from the 'Dogs and looks to make an impact on the fourth line, taking the place of the injured Georgie Boy Laraque, and to put the Andrei Kostitsyn injury in perspective Hab fans, at least we are not fans of the Ottawa Senators, whose entire first line is on the shelf as Milan Michalek was hurt this week. And we do not have that stupid centurion guy as our mascot. Next time they need someone to invoke some excitement before a playoff game, make sure he doesn't have man tits.
Enjoy the game.
Peace True Believers,

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