Sunday, January 3, 2010

Nothing really bad to say. Habs 0 Sabres 1.

Well I'm annoyed.
Not angry or disappointed. Just annoyed that Ryan Miller decided to save everything.
I'm not mad at our Power Play, because they generated opportunities. I'm not mad at Carey Price because other than a wonky rebound, he played a perfect game.
I guess I'm mad at Ryan Miller because he happened to be good, but as a Hockey fan I have to give him props for a good game.
So who the hell should I be mad at?
I don't know. Maybe Fugliester, that Swiss douche that knocked Travis Hamonic out of the WJHC.
I cheered for the Swiss last night, but now I'm just hoping that whoever loses the Sweden USA game absolutely shmices those pacifist alps bastards.
But Habs, if Nido Niderrieter is still on the board at this years draft, we should definitely take a chance on this guy. From what I've seen this tournament, he is a monster.
Talk to you guys later, we'll get 'em next time.
Peace True Believers,

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