Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Disappointed squared.

Well after watching the Canadiens lose a snore fest in DC last night, I tuned into the World Juniors to see the Canadians deadlocked at 3 with the United States. After the US made it 5-3, Canada fought back with two goals in the dying minutes by Jordan "The Messiah" Eberle. Going into overtime I had high hopes and Canada came out flying.
The rush. I had a bad feeling about that one.
Damn it Naz, could't you have skated a little bit faster.
Well, that's life I guess, a series of euphoric youthful moments followed by sobering disappointment.
Deep shit.
The Canadiens however, are more like a 17 year old hangover at one hell of a night.
You try all the remedies, Gatorade, Advil, Farting... It all helps for a moment.
But then it comes back. And it's friggin' terrible.
Hopefully the Canadiens can bounce back tonight against the incredibly boring Florida Panthers, and Team Canada can bounce back at the Olympics this year, and in Buffalo in 2011 for the WJHC. I am in talks to attend that tournament and I will rock the blogging.
So ta-ta for now, enjoy the game AND the National Championship. My pick, Alabama, because their mascot is an Elephant.
Peace True Believers,

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