Sunday, January 17, 2010

As Inconsistent as Runny Pea Soup.

Last night's lost was one of the more frustrating ones this season. No not as frustrating as the time Carey Price made 50 plus saves and the Canadiens still got shut out. Not as frustrating as whenever we play the Devils, because we never beat the Devils. This was frustrating because every time this team gets an inspired win that SHOULD bring about a run, they seem to jut drop another boring game where they are outplayed. I've always had a theory that when an integral part of your team is missing, it affects the whole team. I believe that Mike Cammalleri and Tomas Plekanec can only start producing again once they have the talented and suddenly hot Andrei Kostitsyn back on their wing. It think I've proved my point with Scott Gomez, now that he is having great production with Brian Gionta, someone who he has had great chemistry with over the years, and Benoit Pouliot a big body who compliments them very well. I believe that if the Canadiens can keep a playoff spot until Andrei's return, they could do some serious damage.
Stay positive,
At least we're not the Oilers,
Peace true believers,

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