Friday, January 8, 2010

A little bit of sunshine, but then a WHOLE LOTTA RAIN.

TSN is reporting that Andrei Kostitsyn has undergone knee surgery and will miss six weeks of action.
Damn it.
Just when we thought we were healthy, just when we thought we had a complete team. This team is able to get another injury. I think there's something in the water in Montreal, or maybe the Grey Goose. The news came after the Canadiens won an important but mind numbingly boring hockey game 2-0 last night against the Florida Panthers, with Goals from Brian Gionta and Benoit Pouliot. I am very pleased with the way Pouliot has been playing so far. He is a big guy who has been using his body, controlled the puck well, and has been the big man in front of the night that Gomez and Gionta needed. Let's only hope he can keep it up for the rest of the season and this isn't just him playing on adrenaline.
The Canadiens really have to play flawless hockey while their top right winger is out, because truth is, with two capable Goalies and Andrei Markov back in the line-up, they have no excuse not to.
Peace true believers,

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