Friday, May 15, 2009

The Best Playoffs Everrrrrrr

Now try saying that in a Comic Book Guy Voice.
Aaaaanywaaaaays, we have witnessed possibly the greatest second round in NHL history.  Heroic performances by superstars like Kane, Toews, Crosby, Staal, Malkin and Ovechkin and surprise heroics from guys like Darren Helm, Jussi Jokinen and the amazing punching Scott Walker made these four series an absolute wet dream for hockey fans everywhere, save of course for the anti climactic 6-2 drubbing that ended the Pens Caps series, which was possibly the best first six games of a series anyone had ever seen.
So I think I was very wrong with some of the predictions in the semis, but I am very confident in my choices for the Conference Finals.

#4 Pittsburgh Penguins vs. #6 Carolina Hurricanes
Carolina earned a butt-load of respect after going the distance with a very tough Broons team, while Sidney Crosby silenced his critics after disposing of Ovie and his crew from the Nation's Capital. This series could be up for grabs, but I'll personally give the nod to the Pens because they simply outgun the Canes. 
Prediction: Penguins in 6.

#2 Detroit Red Wings vs. #4 Chicago Blackhawks
Everyone is jumping on the Chicago bandwagon, they are the Penguins of this year's playoff. Young  exceptionally talented guys getting their first real shot of deep playoff hockey, what's not to love? Although it would a great story if this squad could reach the finals and bring some puck respect back to the Windy City, don't count on it.  The Detroit Red Wings are firing on all cylinders and just getting out of a character building series that surprisingly went 7 games with the Ducks.  Every year it seems that a couple of generally unknown players step out and play big hockey for the Winged Wheel when they need it. Last year it was Johan Franzen and Nik Kronwall, this year it's St. Andrews Manitoba's favorite son, Darren Helm who bust out for a massive game seven and has been playing inspired hockey all playoff, even if his numbers don't show it.  Meanwhile Chris Osgood is still convinced he can lead a team in the Playoffs, and so am I.  
Prediction: Red Wings in 5.

Get ready for some Rock Em' Sock Em' Mind Boggling Hockey lads and lassies,
s'gunna be NUUUUTS.


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