Tuesday, May 5, 2009

The two biggest bosses of dem all.

No I'm not referring to DJ Astro or the Yshemboss.
Of course I'm referring to Sid and Ovie.  The two biggest names in hockey.
They TORE IT UP last night.  Both of them scored a hat trick.
David Steckel was the only difference for the Caps who were up 4-2 until Sid the Kid smacked a shot off of Siemon Var-LUHMOV. (That's how you pronounce it Bob Cole, you poor senile old man.)
Please sports fans, many of you aren't big hockey fans but you might read this blog because I make dirty jokes.
Please, watch the Capitals Penguins series.  It is everything good about sport today.
Young men with freak athletic abilities who are not on 'roids and not getting caught with weapons/drugs/all that other fun stuff.
With Football in it's offseason, you really don't have anything else like that
You might think it's PG, but when these young men are 200 pounds and torpedoing at each other, it is anything but.
This is sport.
It's fucking awesome.

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