Sunday, May 3, 2009

What a start!!!

Hoo Boy,
There is nothing more exciting than watching Hockey when your favorite team is not playing anymore and going through some kind of post hockey intense depression where you just want to take Alex Kovalev's prop plane and fly it into a large mountain.
But I digress.
The Second Round series' have been EXTREEEME.

The one that everyone is talking about is every NHL exec's wet dream. 
Ovie and Co. take on Sid and the Gang.
Game One was incredibly sexy going back and forth and featured Simeon Varlamov committing the crime of the century (shameless Supertramp reference) on Sidney Crosby.
This might be one of the best saves I have ever seen in the Playoffs.

Meanwhile Vancouver has blown two leads in their series, but only yesterday did it come back to bite them, with Chicago coming back from a 2-0 deficit and taking Game 2 6-3.
Detroit leads Anaheim 1-0, and the series I refuse to watch, Boston  vs. Carolina looks to be a complete mismatch for da Broons, with Michael Ryder looking like the 30 goal scorer he was for les Glorieux.
Peace guys,
Enjoy this beautiful spring day,
I'm spending 5 hours in a gym playing floor hockey.
Wish me luck.

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