Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Roy politely declines.

No he didn't pull this move on Pierre Lacroix.
Patty has turned down the job of Head Coach and General Manager of the Colorado Avalanche.  Throughout this whole process you have to feel bad for Tony Granato, who's job is baisically up for grabs while he still hold the post, this will be the second time he has been replaced on this particular post.

Does this mean Roy is a lock for Habs bench boss? Could it mean a new era of tough no bullshit coaching where anyone who whines will get the snot kicked out of them by Patrick's psycho back up goaltender son Jonathan???
No. He announced he would stay with the Remparts, so cross him off the list.
I would love Patrick Roy to be our new coach, but there are other options.
Larry Robinson, Marc Crawford, Bob Hartley and Guy Boucher all have a chance at the job. Only time will tell what plays out.

Anyway, Pittsburgh coasted to their second straight Eastern Conference Championship and the Red Wings can advance yet again the the finals with a win tonight.  If they do prevail, I will have merked that prediction of "Detroit in 5".
The story I put out yesterday about Kovalev got on the front page of today.  You can thank me later Onrait and O'Toole.  Don't look into it though, because it is my amateur opinion that this is grade A Bullshlacha.  

Enjoy the game tonight

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