Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Will the NHL admit defeat?

 Yesterday rumors surfaced that Jim Ballsille had put in an offer to buy the Phoenix Coyotes after they filed for Chapter 11.
Hockey fans around the world were torn.
Many Canadian fans fully support Jimmy Boy's decision.  They all know that if he gets possession of the 'Yotes he will almost immediately move them to Southern Ontario.  Canada would love a 7th franchise and understand that a team in Hamilton or Kitchener will surely sell out more games than in Glendale.

You then have your NHL execs who do not support this AT ALL because this would mean the NHL admits that Hockey in the Desert was to put it in words you can understand: AN EPIC FAIL

I'm not going to take sides, but maybe it would be a good thing for another team in Canada that will create revenue.

Time will tell.

Plus there was some kind of Hockey game yesterday in between two guys who were kinda good at life.
This time, Sid the Kid didn`t have to carry the Pens by himself, as Gino Malkin had a heroic game and scored a goal on the Power Play in the third period that made his dad jump 4 feet in the air.
Check it out.
Plus the Hurricanes beat those Ass Clowns the Bruins.
I smell an upset....
or maybe its the dude next to me in French Class that`s not wearing deodorant.

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