Friday, May 8, 2009

Short Little Recaps.

Hey y'all...
  • Series of the Century is at round 4 tonight in steel town. Simmy VarLUHmov single handily kept the Capitals in the game two night ago, can Ovie give him some support?
  • The Mighty Ducks seemed to be on the right track against the Red Wings, until former Quackers Coach Mike Babcock switched up the lines and the combo of Filpula-Franzen-Hossa combined for 7 points last night.  These guys could decide the series.
  • Vancouver and Chicago are slugging away at each other, with the Canucks showing YET AGAIN why you should not trust them with ANYTHING in the third period. Hopefully for them they can develop some Anti-Choking device in time for Game 5.
  •  The Bruins are down 2-1 to the Hurricanes thanks to JUUUUUUSSSSIIII.  It makes me feel better that there's a good chance Milan Lucic will not play another series this year.
I'm currently nursing a brutal migraine.
I have a feeling Gary Bettman feels the same way right now dealing with the whole Ballsille debacle.

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