Tuesday, May 12, 2009

A shot out in memoriam.

Hey guys I know many of you will want to hear some of my views on the incredible Game Six in the Windy City, but this is a different kind of post.
Today at about 4:30, my beloved Golden Retriever Kasey was put to rest after a wonderful 12 years by my side.
Kasey and I have watched many Hab games together in my den underneath a comfy white blanket, and nothing picked me up more after a bad loss than her cheery mug smiling at me.
For those of you that knew Kasey, you know that she was the most mild mannered dog in the world and would starve herself if it meant she could get a good belly rub.
So to all canine owners, give your dog a hug today for me.
Wherever you are Kase, I hope someone is scratching behind the ears just the way you like it.

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