Thursday, April 30, 2009

Playoff First Round Roundup.

Hello my sweet nibletts.
This is what went down.
  • The Bruins humiliate our Canadiens. Boston def. Montreal 4-0
  • The Caps are saved by a dude named Simeon. Washington def. New York 4-3
  • The Devils blow their entire series in the 80 last seconds.  Carolina def. New Jersey 4-3
  • The Penguins break the mold of the Cup losers from last year being completely futile. Pittsburgh def. Philadelphia 4-2
  • CHOKE! CHOKE! CHO-  Anaheim def. San Jose 4-2
  • Red Wings commit Hockey Rape. Detroit def. Columbus 4-0
  • Sedin Squared find their long lost triplet: Alex Burrows.  Vancouver def. St. Louis 4-0
  • The Blackhawks bring some excitment back to Windy City Hockey. Chicago def. Calgary 4-2
The Second Round matchups are set.

Eastern Conference Semi Finals:
#1 Boston vs. #6 Carolina
Should be an easy win for the powerful Bruins, but the Hurricanes have shown spunk and can roll with the best of them.
Prediction: Boston in 6.

#2 Washington vs. #4 Pittsburgh.
Somewhere in New York, Gary Bettman is shpeezing into a tissue and staring at headshots of Malkin, Crosby and Ovechkin.  This is going to be insane.
Prediction: Pittsburgh in 7.

Western Conference Semi Finals:
#2 Detroit vs. #8 Anaheim.
Detroit looks like their on a mission from god to repeat, I do not even think a Knucklepuck could help the Ducks on this one.
Prediction: Detroit in 5.

#3 Vancouver vs. #4 Chicago.
People are hopping on the Blackhawk bandwagon, but before they can get back to the promised land, Kane and co. will have to beat Bobby Lu, one of the best in the 'biz.

Here's my favorite moment from the first round.
(It's not the Ovie goal)
Pay attention at :06

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