Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Well, take a deep breath.

Okay, so we're down 2-0, have been outscored 9-0, out shot the Flyers, and do not really have a presence in this series at this point.
Maybe it's time to pretend that we didn't just win two stunning playoff rounds, and that the entire city wasn't captivated by their great run full of inspiring performances.
Or, maybe we support this team and cheer for them no matter what, because we proved that we could do it, and proved that this team can skate with the best of them, suck it Leaf fans, many of you guys are waiting to write an obituary saying that the Habs suck, but it sounds mighty insecure coming from a team that along with the Panthers, are the only two clubs in the league who have not made the playoffs.
So, shut your pie holes.
Cheer on this team, they can still pull this off.
Peace True Believers,

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