Monday, May 10, 2010

Game 6 Preview: City on the edge.

After the Canadiens dramatic come from behind win against the Penguins Thursday night, I got the call that I would have the chance to attend game 6 tonight. I had high hopes resting on Saturday;s game, knowing that a win in Game 5 would give me a chance to see the Canadiens eliminate the Pens in front of a raucous Bell Centre crowd. So of course we lose Game 5. You know what though, I still have hope for this team. This is a team that can get the job done, they have shown us their grit in the clutch from the Washington series. There is no reason why the Canadiens can't skate out with a win and force a game seven. All they need is the fan support so be loud as hell. I wanna be partially deaf in the ear by the time the first is done.
Who knows what's going on with the D, I would just look stupid to speculate. Spacek looks ready to go, and Gill will be a game time decision. Makov will not play, I am sure of that.
So get ready, because in just over two hours, it will be Hockey's version of judgement day.
If the Canadiens win tonight, there is mad hope that they can take this series on Wednesday.
Peace true believers,

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