Wednesday, May 12, 2010

First Intermission update.

Whew, that first goal really lowered my heart rate.
A crappy goal is exactly what we needed to get back into this game, nothing quiets a crowd like a softie when their Captain is in the box.
Dom Moore picked up a interesting penalty after Lapierre almost made it 2-0. Gill is a warrior for being back on the ice blocking shots. Great effort by the Habs on the kill, Tommy Pleks almost buried an amazing short handed chance on the breakaway. The Pens look more nervous than a 14 year old unclasping his first bra.
The Pens started to pick it up in the form of Jordan Staal and his line mates. You really wonder what he could be capable of if didn't play behind Malkin and Crosby at Center.
Then Dominic redeems himself. 2-0 Habbies.
His second huge Game Seven goal this playoffs, and an incredible effort from the all of a sudden godly Maxim Lapierre.
The Pens are nervous, Sid Crosby is nervous, and Marc Andre Fleury is nervous. I will not declare anything just yet, I will only feel confident once Brent Johnson is between the pipes and Fleury is chased.
As the period ticked away. The Canadiens have their work cut out for them, they are up 2-0. And need to keep it that way.

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